Social Support for Curren Caples, Toyota Athlete of the Year Turns 18

California kid Curren Caples turns 18 years old today and just before his birthday this shredder scooped up the 2013 Toyota Athlete of the Year Award. Taking home the win for his Skate Street run from the Toyota City Championships in San Francisco, CA, Caples covered the iconic street course with style and ease. Sending massive kickflips over the China Banks and being the only skater to blast a shifty ollie from the China Banks over to the down hubba ledge, Caples takes the win for his creativity and progressiveness. 

Congratulations and Happy Birthday Curren!

Here’s a compilation of congratulations and well-wishes from Twitter and Instagram: 

“#congratulations @currencaples for being the #toyota #athlete of the year! #pinnytown @flipskateboards” – Arto Saari, @artofoto

“Congratz #currencaples, we’re #stoked! Curren, is the winner of the #Toyota #athlete of the year. @currencaples #skateordie” –@southcoasttoyota

“Happy 18th birthday @currencaples!! #theflipteam #pinnytown #flipskateboards #currencaples” – @flipskateboards

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