Skateboard Park Olympic Update: Pedro Barros and Misugu Okamoto Lead the Pack

Pedro_barros_winner_dew_tour_mens_park_finals_06 17 19_dangaard 8
Pedro Barros giving thanks to higher powers above as he claims first place. Photo: Dangaard

The 2019 Dew Tour Long Beach park competition marks as the first Olympic qualifying competition for the 2019 season. After all said and done, Pedro Barros of Brazil and Misugu Okamoto of Japan lead the current Olympic skateboard park rankings.

Misugu Okamoto praising for a score that won’t be knocked out of first place. Photo: Ferra

Athletes traveled from around the world for a chance to earn valuable Olympic points for a chance to represent their country at the Tokyo Summer Games in 2020. With athletes from Brazil, Japan, Australia, Italy, Spain, and France, it’s quite evident that skateboarding has an international interest.

2019 Dew Tour Women’s Park podium: Misugu Okamoto in first (middle), Lizzie Armanto in second (right), and Kokona Hiraki in third (left). Photo: Ortiz

For those park skateboarders who did not make it as far as they wished, they still have more opportunities in the 2019 season to collect points. The next Olympic qualification event is the ISO of Park Skateboarding Nanjing scheduled for July 14-19, 2019.

Men's Park Final
2019 Dew Tour Men’s Park podium: Pedro Barros in first (middle) Cory Juneau in second (left) and Keegan Palmer in third (right). Photo: Ortiz

For now, here’s how the women and men from park skateboarding stack up in Olympic points after the 2019 Dew Tour Long Beach.

Women’s Park Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings

1.) Misugu Okamoto, JPN 40,000
2.) Lizzie Armanto, FIN 24,00
3.) Kokona Hiraki, JPN 14,400
4.) Mami Tezuka, JPN 14,400
5.) Sakura Yosozumi, JPN 9,200
6.) Bryce Wettstein, USA 7,300
7.) Kisa Nakamura, JPN 5,900
8.) Brighton Zeuner, USA 4,700
9.) Yndiara Asp, BRA 1,650
10.) Jordyn Barratt, USA 1,450
11.) Poppy Starr Olsen, AUS 1,340
12.) Sky Brown, GBR 1,200

View the full Women’s Olympic World Skateboarding Park Ranking HERE.

Men’s Park Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings

1.) Pedro Barros, BRA 40,000
2.) Cory Juneau, USA 24,000
3.) Keegan Palmer, AUS 14,400
4.) Luiz Francisco, BRA 11,500
5.) Ivan Federico, ITA 9,200
6.) Heimana Reynolds, USA 7,300
7.) Jaime Mateu, ESP 5,900
8.) Alessandro Mazzara, ITA 4,700
9.) Tristan Rennie, USA 1,650
10.) Kensuke Sasaoka, JPN 1,450
11.) Pedro Quintas, BRA 1,340
12.) Danny Leon, ESP 1,200

View the full Men’s Olympic World Skateboarding Park Ranking HERE.

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