Action Speaks Louder Than Words.
The plan was no plan. I set out to have fun and ride with good homies looking for the best snow in awesome places. Not filming for anything specific, just seeing how much we could stack up, and then decide later. The BTS web series (Whistler & Austria) covered a lot of this, but we saved all the bangers and ended up with a lot more footage than expected, no BS. After last winter shut its doors it was decision time. Do we go for a two-year project? Do we leak some of this? Nah, let’s just cut up these clips and drop the good vibes! Un-hyped and Un-filtered, I wanted to make a powder packed short film that reminds us all why we love snowboarding. This is for all of you, this is ShredBots ‘Untitled’- Torstein Horgmo

Featuring: Torstein Horgmo, Werni Stock, Iikka Backstrom, Brock Crouch, Anto Chamberland and more.

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