Shaun White Goes Back to Back with Vert Win in SLC

Throwing the run of your life is becoming a regular occurrence at the Dew Tour, as Shaun White once again put together what could be called the most incredible run ever in skate vert history. Soaring above his fellow competitors in both height and technical combinations that included fakie to fakie 540s, a heelflip into a 720 and, of course, his signature armadillo (a mind-numbing frontside heel-flip body varial 540), Shaun scored an impressive 94.75 to win at the Toyota Challenge.

See More Skate Videos and BMX Videos at Pierre-Luc Gagnon, however did not go out without a fight, throwing down an equally technical run filled with a kickflip body varial 540, a 720 and switch heelflip 360 to name just a few. PLG’s final run bumped him into second place and ahead of Bucky Lasek with a score of 90.50.

Lasek grabbed another podium position, albeit a third-place finish instead of his second to White in Portland. Bucky, as always, threw down an exciting run packed with a variety of airs and flip and lip tricks that included a backside tailslide across the extension, frontside gay twist and nollie flip stalefish, throwing a boneless rodeo into the mix for good measure. His third-place finish was good enough to jump a head of Andy Macdonald in the Dew Cup standings, pushing Lasek into second place overall on the 2010 Dew Tour.

Andy Macdonald was almost his same consistent self, until taking a brutal, head-jarring slam during the final jam. However, it was not enough to keep him from pulling the trick in his next run and finishing in fourth in the contest and third in the points race for the Dew Cup.

Bob Burnquist continued his tear from the prelims, scoring an 88.75 in Round 1 of the finals. But trying to outdo himself with his switch wizardry in the final jam, he could not lay down the run he was looking for, which would have certainly challenged White for the top spot.

Missing the final jam by less than a point, Sandro Dias blasted his usual massive alley-oop 540s and his signature gnar-jar to finish in sixth place and a solid fourth place in the Dew Cup standings.

Coming in seventh was Adam Taylor, the youngest competitor in the finals. Taylor started his run with a sick varial McTwist and ended it with plenty of flips and spins to keep him in the top ten of the Dew Tour rankings.

Rounding out the top ten were Marcelo Bastos, who has made three consecutive finals; Alex Perelson, who made the final jam in Portland last month; and Juergen Horrwarth, who made his first Dew Tour final could not make a full run and finished tenth.


1. Shaun White, 94.75
2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon, 90.50
3. Bucky Lasek, 88.25
4. Andy Macdonald, 83.50
5. Bob Burnquist, 63.00

For full results from the skate vert finals, click here.

To see what the current Dew Tour standings look like after White’s win in Salt Lake City, head over here.


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