Shane O’Neill Wins Copenhagen Pro Street + Death Race, Best Trick Results

As many are aware, this past weekend marked the end of a skate competition era known best as the Copenhagen Pro. The Copenhagen Pro has been a staple amoungst the many kinds of skate contests out there these days, but what set Copenhagen apart from the rest was the international festival environment leaving everyone with more than a smile after each event. With everyone rolling out to Denmark by the masses to watch the 40th and final Copenhagen Pro, both Thrasher and Ride Channel came back with recap edits of the street, best trick and death race. So, give them both a watch and check the results below, then let us know which one you preferred on our Facebook page– thanks for the feedback!

1. Shane O’Neill
2. Luan Oliveira
3. Sean Malto
4. Evan Smith

Taylor Bingaman

Diego Fiorese

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