Tucked away in the south region of Brazil is a magical island known as Florianóplis, where Pedro Barros refines his skateboarding skills, jams out with friends in rock sessions, and more recently started his own board company. We were fortunate enough to catch Pedro on a recent trip in California, where he and fellow Brazilian teammates took over the CATF for some practice days before heading into Dew Tour Des Moines. Before Pedro got fired up for a practice session, we sat him down to get a shakedown on his new board company, Privê, and the ins and outs of his skateboard gear. Get the full scoop from Pedro in the video above, and check out an itemized list of all his skateboard parts below.

Pedro Barros Skateboard Setup

Skateboard: 8.38 Privê
Trucks: 149 Independent trucks
Bearings: Bronson Speed Co.
Hardware: Independent
Wheels: 54mm Formula Four Spitfire Wheels
Grip tape: Mob Grip

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