Season Preview With Ryan Nyquist

It’s going to be a whole new BMX Park scene this year on the Dew Tour. Not only will the course be bigger at the Pantech Open, but legendary BMX’er and Dew Cup Champion Ryan Nyquist is the designer of this specific course. It will be exciting to see what happens when you give the best an open canvas to create their ideal course.

What type of things do you do to prepare for the competition season now compared to 2005 when the Dew Tour first began?
I remember that first season and how much I was stressing about doing well and making sure I was ready. I think all that stressing and over preparing really did me in because I didn’t qualify for park and I think I got 26th in Dirt. It was probably the worst contest I ever had. So nowadays I try not to stress about it and just make sure I’m on my bike before the first stop rolls around.

Are you working on any new tricks this season?
I have some oldies but goodies that have been neglected throughout the years and would love to bring them out and brush the dust off them. It’s funny how old trends and tricks resurface and beome cool again. I guess I’m glad I’ve been around long enough to reuse some of my tricks. Hahahaha!

A new role for you this year is park course designer for Ocean City. What has been the most difficult part of designing a course?
Just trying to make sure you design a course that works. It’s a lot harder than you’d think. You don’t want any dead ends, plenty of speed lines, and options for transfers. There was never a moment where I wasn’t thinking if the other riders would like the course. There’s a lot of pressure there. I just want everyone to like it, and be able to shred the course to pieces.

Season Preview With Ryan Nyquist
Ryan Nyquist – Nike BMX Open 2010

As a rider yourself, is this your chance to build your dream course?
It was a pretty sweet opportunity for sure. There were some limitations you had to factor in, but it was really whatever I wanted to design. It’s like being a kid with a huge set of legos and a really great imagination.

Dennis Enarson will also be designing a course this season. What are some obstacles or characteristics that will set your course apart from his?
Well I feel like Dennis’s course will be a good mix of park and street. That kid can ride anything and completely destroy it, so I’d expect his course to be pretty diverse. I’m more of a big transition guy so my course will reflect that.

Will there be any new features on your course that we haven’t seen at past Dew Tour’s?
Nothing groundbreaking but I’m hoping that the way we configured some of the ramps will be new and maybe lend itself to some really creative lines and lots of exciting, fast riding.

What’s your take on the progression of BMX over the last few years?
It’s been amazing to watch that’s for sure. I mean, there’s been some things to go down that completely shocked me. That’s really fun to be a part of as well as inspiring. Seeing someone put their mind to something that has never been done, and then make it a reality is truly awesome.
Season Preview With Ryan Nyquist
Ryan Nyquist – Dew Tour Championships 2010

You’ve always competed in park, dirt, and even vert. What advice do you have for younger athletes who are looking to take on a second discipline?
Don’t do it!!!! Hahahaha! Just kidding. My advice would be to pace yourself. It takes a lot of energy, and a lot of focus to ride at a top level in this sport. If you get tired and start making rash decisions, that’s when you get hurt. It was fun for me to see what I could do with all three disciplines, but I think the days of competing in all three is long gone for me.

With how young some of the riders are, do you think you’ll ever see the day when you’d compete against your sons?
Hahaha! I’m not sure if I’d want that. I get my butt kicked by young guys enough nowadays. Plus I’d be at least 45. I’d hope that I’d be able to get some rest before then.

Don’t miss Ryan riding BMX Park this summer at the Pantech Open, July 21 – 24. Check your local listings on NBC Sports for the BMX Park finals Saturday July 23rd.

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