Season Preview With Pierre-Luc Gagnon

Some people know the name Pierre-Luc Gagnon from the hit reality show X-Life, but around here he’s much better known as the 2010 Skate Vert Dew Cup Champion. This year the king of the vert ramp is going to cross over to concrete when he competes in the Dew Tour’s first-ever skate bowl event. Find out what PLG’s been doing to prepare as he goes out in search of Dew Cup Number Three at the first stop of the 2011 Dew Tour.

You were on a show called the X-Life. What was your favorite moment of filming?
Winning the Dew Cup in the first episode was definitely my favorite moment. It’s was just something positive that I had been working for all year!!

Was there anything about being a “reality star” that you didn’t anticipate?
I didn’t know that it was so important to always have some sort of drama going on. Sometimes it almost seemed like filming fun stuff wasn’t that important if there wasn’t a fight or an argument around it…

How has your life changed since the X-Life aired?
Nothing has really changed since… I do get recognized on the street a bit more but that’s about it.. Haha

Season Preview With Pierre Luc Gagnon
PLG – Skate Vert Finals

I’m sure the show was time consuming, how has it affected your training in the off season?
We weren’t filming 24/7 so I was able to make it work pretty well. I obviously had to compromise a bit but I still got to skate a lot during the filming…

What are you doing differently to prep for the upcoming Dew Tour season?
I’ve been trying to skate concrete a bit more and also been working out to make sure my body doesn’t fall apart since I’m getting older… Haha. I feel great about everything right now and this should be a fun year!

Season Preview With Pierre Luc Gagnon
PLG – Portland 2010 Skate Vert Finals

With a new city this year, what are your thoughts on competing on the beach in Ocean City?
I’m a bit worried about the wind and stuff since we’re going to be on the beach but hopefully its not an issue… It’s always great to compete on the East Coast because the crowd is so appreciative!

With bowl as a new discipline for the first two stops, would you consider skating both vert and bowl?
Yeah I’m planning on skating both for sure!

You’ve won two Dew Cup so far. What’s the biggest obstacle standing in your way of winning a third?
I just need to be consistent and not hold back during the contest. I can’t be playing it safe since everyone’s level of skating is so high!

NBC Sports for the broadcast of Skate Vert finals , Sunday July 24.

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