New features on the top and bottom made the Modified Superpipe the most talked about course on the hill, and the Men’s Snowboard Individual competition was the highlight event of Dew Tour Breckenridge 2018.

The top hip was called the Shark Fin and it sent you into a large knuckled landing that set riders up for a shortened length of superpipe. At the bottom of the pipe was a bowled out section on either side that kipped riders into similar knuckle landings that then lined them up for the largest hip on the hill that sent into a quarter pipe and a Tombstone banked wall to finish.

Ten snowboarders made up the leaderboard and each were given three runs with only their highest score counting. For most that came in the later runs, but for two of the top three it came on their first.

Though he never pulled his run together, Taylor Gold had a standout trick on his first run that will be remembered. Taylor Gold opened with a rad frontside rodeo 540 grabbing Taipan between the legs before ending with an absolutely launched McTwist off the the bottom hip into the Tombstone.

But after full extension an average McTwist into a tweaked out chicken wing, Gold nearly sent himself to the bottom of the ramp where his binding popped off his board. Taylor rode the rest of the event on borrowed bindings.

Toby Miller kicked things off on the day and, after finding success With DC the day before in the Team Challenge, he knew exactly what he wanted to land. Off the shark fin to start his run, Miller went with a nollie front flip nosegrab, into a frontside 900 tail, backside 1260 mute, frontside 1080 double cork stale, cab 540 mute, air fakie grabbing melon before finishing with a switch backflip stale on the Tombstone.

Miller earned an 84.33 for his first run and it held on to earn him third. Taking home second place was Chase Josey, whose best score of 88.33 came to him on run two.

“I think this event was a great one for snowboarding in showcasing where the sport can go,” stated Josey when asked about the course design. “The course design was really cool… I’m looking for events to follow this model, but to be their own and be as creative with course designs in the future.”

Josey’s run began with a backside 540 rodeo lien off the shark fin, to a switch crippler stalefish, switch double Michalchuk, backside method, cab 1080 bus driver, frontside 900 roastbeef, and ended with a switch alley-oop 540 nose grab into the tombstone.

The highest score of the day came from the first run of Scotty James, and in his opinion the first, shark fin feature was his favorite. “I personally liked the drop-in. Just to mix it up and get creative on the first hit of the run… Ah, the Shark Fin.”

James started off with a switch backside rodeo 540 melon, frontside 180 into pipe, switch backside 1080 mute, backside 1260 mute, frontside 1080 nose grab, and finished with a cab frontside 540 stalefish over tombstone. James’ first and best run scored him a 93.33 and the win on the day.

Men’s Snowboard Modified Superpipe Finals Results

1.) Scotty James, 93.33
2.) Chase Josey, 88.33
3.) Toby Miller, 84.33
4.) Pat Burgener, 83.00
5.) Jake Pates, 80.33
6.) Danny Davis, 75.67
7.) Gabe Ferguson, 57.67
8.) Raibu Katayma, 56.67
9.) Taylor Gold, 35.33
10.) Ben Ferguson, 18.00


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