Scotty Cranmer Dominates BMX Park Semi-Finals

The build up to tomorrow’s BMX Park Finals just hit the roof as BMX big guns just threw down in tonight’s semi-finals harder than anyone expected.

Scotty Cranmer Dominates BMX Park Semi Finals

The BMX Park Semi-Finals definitely did not disapoint as last year’s defending Dew Cup champ, Scotty Cranmer, came in flying high and showing his power. Cranmer came out strong in the first heat with a run that couldn’t be beat. He landed a backflip tailwhip over the hitching post and a corked out 720 over the step-down for a high score of 92.63. Brett “Mad Dog” Banasiewicz finished in second at the end of semi-finals after going to work in the park throwing a backflip barspin down the step-down, a front flip tuck no hander up the huge step-up and a barspin handplant on the vert wall.

Scotty Cranmer Dominates BMX Park Semi Finals

Ryan Nyquist and Kyle Baldock tied their best run’s score but it was Nyquist’s second best run putting him in third. Throwing a 540 truckdriver,  a huge 360 suicide no-hander and a curved wallride to 270 out, you can expect Nyquist to light up the park again tomorrow. The top 6 finishers will move on to compete in tomorrow’s Final.

Scotty Cranmer Dominates BMX Park Semi Finals

Tune in to NBC Sports Network tonight to watch the semi-final action unfold, and be sure to check out the photo gallery linked at the top of this post!


1st Place – Scotty Cramner

2nd Place – Brett Banasiewicz

3rd Place – Ryan Nyquist

4th Place – Kyle Baldock

5th Place – Daniel Sandoval

6th Place – Harry Main

7th Place – Andy Buckworth

8th Place – Gary Young

9th Place – Chad Kerley

10th Place – Pat Casey

11th Place – Drew Bezanson

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