Ryan Nyquist Earns the Victory in BMX Park Final

The Dew Tour Beach Championships returned to Ocean City, Maryland for the third consecutive year and the BMX Park Discipline proved to be a fan favorite as the grand stands filled out in full!

The format for the final brought back the top ten riders from the semi-final and broke them into two heats. For the first heat, five riders took both their first and second runs, then, they moved onto the second heat and allowed those five rider to take their first two runs. Following the second heat’s first two runs they shifted to a second round including all ten riders and allowed one more final run. Each rider received three, 45-second runs in total and were judged on overall impression with their best run counting toward their overall score.

Ryan Nyquist Earns the Victory in BMX Park Final

Scotty Cranmer’s backflip double tailwhip

Immediately the crowd went crazy for the first heat of riders as the runs clearly stepped up in technicality from the semi-final. Scotty Cranmer came out of the gate with big tricks such as a backflip double tailwhip, a flair up the giant step up and then a 720 down the next step down. Harry Main did his classic flip in to kick off his run and Daniel Dhers threw a barspin downside tailwhip.

Ryan Nyquist Earns the Victory in BMX Park Final

Drew Bezanson no hander transfer

In the second heat Ryan Nyquist and Drew Bezanson jumped into the mix and shook up the leader board. Nyquist tossed out a huge 720 over one of the larger box jumps while Bezanson manuled across the top of the wallride and then managed a disaster to tailwhip out on the wedge.

In the end it all came down to the final runs in the second round and believe it or not Nyquist stepped his game up again with a similar run but with the inclusion of a 360 double barspin over one of the larger box jumps added to his run. Congratulations Nyquist!

Ryan Nyquist Earns the Victory in BMX Park Final

Ryan Nyquist mid double truck driver

Nyquist was stoked on the win at Dew Tour saying, “I’ve done well in the past, but in Dew Tour this is the first time I’ve won the cup, so its a big one for me. Last year I came here and did well, but I just missed out on the podium. So that was my goal to just get a podium spot, but the fact that it was on the top spot was just icing on the cake.”

Ocean City proved to be a great even for Nyquist and commented on the venue saying, “It’s awesome, the weather has been amazing, that was a big factor for us. We know were coming into the summer months and its going to be beautiful, but last year was steaming hot and the year before that was really hot, so its been awesome. We skipped the rain and its just a beautiful day.”

Be sure to check back shortly for the complete results posted below, a photo gallery posted to the top of this article and video of the first place run!

Ryan Nyquist Earns the Victory in BMX Park Final

BMX Park Final Podium 


1st Place – Ryan Nyquist– 92.50

2nd Place – Drew Bezanson – 91.25

3rd Place – Scotty Cranmer – 90.75

4th Place – Andrew Buckworth – 90.50

5th Place – Daniel Sandoval – 89.50

6th Place – Daniel Dhers – 88.75

7th Place – Harry Main – 88.50

8th Place – Patrick Casey – 88.50

9th Place – Chad Kerley – 87.00

10th Place – Kevin Peraza – 84.50

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