CONGRATULATIONS Red Gerard on placing first at the PyeongChang Games!

Remember when we pulled Red out of the athlete registration line at Dew Tour to talk about the importance of creativity in contests? Well, that wasn’t all we asked him…

After all the contest-related questions were asked and answered (you may recall we asked his thoughts on the PyeongChang course, and that he was pleasantly surprised) we got down to the gritty stuff. Like whether he prefers Tinder to Bumble—ladies, you may be surprised. We also wondered what he preferred to ride on his days off from training. Again, this one was not what we expected but we do have the imagery to back up his answer.

Though some of his answers came with slight hesitation, Red didn’t disappoint. Take a quick read below to learn a little more about the lighter side of Red Gerard with our Either Or question series and take a break from all the serious snowboard business currently dominating the media. After all, not everyday is part of an Olympic adventure.

We didn’t expect to see Red Gerard spending his down time in the halfpipe, and we definitely didn’t think he’d be grabbing double on his nose. Photo: Taylor

Either, Or

Breakfast foods: Sweet or Savory? Savory, actually.

Cable or Cord Cutter? Kind of a cord cutter. I think it is just easier.

80s or 90s? 2000s.

Hip Hop or EDM? Hip Hop.

Hot Tub or Sauna? Hot tub.

Day off: Park or Pipe or Pow? Pipe and pow! A mix, kind of all of it. I like to ride pipe on my ofttimes, for sure.

All Wheel or 4-Wheel? 4-wheel driv…err, all wheel, yeah, all wheel drive.

Truck or Wagon? Truck.

Mitten or Glove? Mittens.

Laces or BoA? BoA.

Baggy fit or Tight? Baggy. 

Uber or Lyft? Uber.

Tinder or Bumble? Bumble has some hot girls! I’m going to have to go Bumble because everyone is on Tinder.

Headphones or Speakers? Speakers.

Headphones: Wired or Wireless? Wired.

Pandora or Spotify? Spotify.

Text message or Voice recording? Text message.

#TBT or #FBF? Neither.

Directional or Twin Tip? Directional.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee.

Kale or Lettuce? Lettuce.

On the Road: House or Hotel? Hotel—room service. Yeah, that is key.

Phone Clip or Proper Film? Proper film, I like it.

Digital Photo or Prints? Digital, I think. Yeah. No! Print, I like prints. I’ll go back. Print.

Watch Red Gerard’s Gold Medal Winning Run HERE.

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