Pro Town: Greenville Video Teaser

Greenville, North Carolina, appears to be a typical small town, but over the past 15 years it’s become Mecca for competitive BMX. With 34 pros, 21 X Games gold medals, and countless other contest wins, Greenville is no joke.

“Pro Town: Greenville” completely illustrates how this scene got to where it is today. The 45-minute movie is packed with incredible footage and photographs (both current and archival), plus interviews with Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Colin Mackay, Ryan Guettler, Rob Darden, Allan Cooke, Josh Harrington, Josh Perry, Kelly Bolton, Craig Mast, Austin Coleman, Dan Sieg, and many more.

“Pro Town: Greenville” will premiere in Greenville on January 7th, and more details will be coming soon. For more information and over 50 photos, check out .

“Pro Town: Greenville” is sponsored by Monster Energy, Haro Bikes, Mirraco Bike Company, and Ride BMX.

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