Skateboarders gathered at the World-famous Bowl Du Prado in France to compete in what is Europe’s highest energy contest, the Marseille Bowl Rippers. Out of six men and women in each final, Australia’s Poppy Starr and Spain’s Jaime Mateu took first place in the coveted Marseille Bowl Ripper competition.

The contest format is simple: six skaters get a 45-second introduction run with a first wall rebate. After each skater has made their grand entrance, a six-minute jam for the women and seven-minute jam for the men commenced. A skater’s score is based on overall impression meaning use of the entire park, how it’s used and tricks that are performed.

Up first in the evening were the six women finalist that included Autumn Tust (USA), Bryce Ava Wettstein (USA), Grace Marhoefer (USA), Kisa Nakamura (JPN), Poppy Olsen (AUS), and Yndiara Asp (BRA). No holding back, all six women drop straight into the six-minute jam giving each corner of transition all they have. A few notable mentions are Grace and Kisa unintentional synchronize quarter pipe and spine transfer, Yndiara takes a gnarly spill on a layback air but nails it after a breather on her second attempt, and Poppy’s solo session in the deep end of the bowl. After all, was said and done, Kisa Nakamura takes third, Yndiara Asp takes second, and Poppy Starr in first place.

Women’s Bowl Rippers Finals Jam:

The Men’s final stated with the sunset coming down on the Mediterranean coast with high energy still flowing through the crowd after the women’s final. Ripping vocal cords from fans sent off the six men finalist: Alessandro Mazzara (ITA), Chris Russell (USA), Danny Leon (ESP), Jaime Mateu (ESP), Luiz Francisco (BRA), and Vincent Matheron (FRA). With seven minutes on the clock, the organized chaos starts off with all six men dropping up with speed and aggression. A few mentionable maneuvers to point out include Luiz packing in speed and amplitude in a transfer tailbone followed up by an over tweaked stalefish, Danny catching a massive kickflip stalefish rolling over to a backside noseblunt transfer on the spin, and Chris’ slob fast plant disaster on the biggest extension just seconds before the buzzer. After time was up Jaime continues to rip the bowl in an attempt to roll away with an alley-oop 540 across the judge’s box. He doesn’t only make one but two back-to-back for the screaming fans and himself. In the end, standing on the podium was Danny Leon in third place, Chris Russell in second and Jaime Mateu taking first.

Men’s Bowl Rippers Finals Jam:

All in all, the Bowl Rippers competition left the Marseille weeping for mercy, fans juiced up to go skate, and overjoyed competitors celebrate another outstanding event.

Men’s Bowl Rippers Final Results

1.) Jaime Mateu (ESP), 85.3
2.) Chris Russell (USA), 84.3
3.) Danny Leon (ESP), 81.7

Women’s Bowl Rippers Final Results

1.) Poppy Starr (AUS), 76.0
2.) Yndiara ASP (BRA), 72.7
3.) Kisa Nakamura (JPN), 71.0

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