Early in the week at Dew Tour Breckenridge we caught up with Torin Yater-Wallace at the base of the mountain to pick his brain. Considering he was already two and a half hours into the day’s practice, five more minutes didn’t seem like too much more for him to spare.

Following a mellow morning of breakfast, picking up his Epic Pass and registering for the week of riding Dew Tour; Torin took five minutes more to empty out his pockets and breakdown what goods he was packing.

“Can’t be getting phone calls while you’re skiing.”

First out on the table was the iPhone XS. Complete with a screen protector and slim black case, Torin keeps his phone on him and protected but hopes to not have it ring while he’s riding.

“Can’t be getting phone calls while you’re skiing,” explained Torin as he quickly moved to the next item laid out on the table. “I’m offended if somebody calls me while I’m skiing,” Torin laughs, “just kidding.”

All kidding aside, he definitely prefers not to have the cellular distractions on the hill. Instead, he keeps his cotton candy, tie-dye SkullCandy headphones plugged into his iPod shuffle. This way he can be sure to hear only what he’s interested in.

“There are probably 200 songs on it, but I’m only listening to about five on repeat,” said Torin. “Whatever I have just put onto it.”

*Voice mail: Torin Yater-Wallace is currently unable to speak due to epic ski conditions. Please leave a message after the tone. Photo: Kanights (Click to enlarge)

Known for listening to high volumes of Rick Ross, Torin assured us he was bumping Ross along with Drake, Nas and a few of his other favorites that fall into the genre he describes as “millennial rap.”

Two different resort passes were found on him at the time we stopped him. The first one was the Epic Pass, which he said only gets used a few times throughout the year between Dew Tour and the occasional trip to Utah’s Park City. The other pass, however, was to his home mountain of Aspen Snowmass. This pass, he assured us, was getting next to daily use to either access some backcountry or simply ride top to bottom with his homies.

The final item on him, a brown leather wallet. It may have appeared simple at first glance, but following closer examination we noticed his initials were actually stamped onto it. Torin explain it was actually a gift from his girlfriend, and even though he did not know what brand it was a quality cash and card holder.

“She’s a good girl,” Torin laughed. “She hooks it up!”

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