Registration for Dew Tour Breckenridge is serious business, and the tools that snowboard and free ski athletes bring to the check-in tables may surprise you.

In reality, athletes don’t need to bring much more than themselves and their helmets to registration. Still, when athletes get cornered by one of the writers for Dew Tour and asked to empty their pockets they tend laugh as they discard their goods (and not so goods) for all to see.

Queralt_castellet_womens_snb_pipe_qualifiers_breckenridge_crosland  7605
Queralt Castellet airing one out backside en route to a 7th place finish at Dew Tour Breckenridge. Photo: Crosland

When the queen of Spanish snowboarding, Queralt Castellet, wrapped up her registration she was caught off guard when asked to show off what was in her possession. To our surprise, though, she held nothing back and laughed off the contents.

Queralt_catellet 8732

Castellet’s pocket lint had some expected contents:

    • fresh Dew Tour credential
    • a week old Copper Grand Prix credential with Toyota lanyard
    • an Epic Pass (giving her unlimited season access to 15 domestic and 30 European resorts)

Then there were the somewhat random extras:

    • screw for mounting her binding’s baseplate
    • measuring tape to ensure proper adjustments to her bindings

And finally we found the slightly surprising items:

    • used bandaid from her shoulder
    • mouth protector (minus the case she said she typically keeps it in)
    • an unused tampon

“I usually keep my mouth guard in a container!”

Can you make out all of the items listed above?

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