PLG, Bucky and Shaun White Battling for Skate Vert Dew Cup

The Dew Tour’s skate vert ramp has seen its share of battles over the years, but this season’s Dew Cup title is a toss-up between the only three guys who have ever won the Cup.

Defending Dew Cup champ Pierre-Luc Gagnon has the biggest overall season lead with 190 points going into the Dew Tour Championships. If he wins, the Cup is his for the third time.

PLG, Bucky and Shaun White Battling for Skate Vert Dew Cup
PLG – Skateboard Vert Finals – Pantech Open 2011

But the same applies to three-time champ Bucky Lasek, who’s just a few points behind with 182. He needs the win to collect his fourth Cup. If things had gone as planned at last month’s Toyota Challenge, Bucky would have a bigger lead.

“I just fell short on one last trick before I was going to bring my last three tricks that were new and technical,” he said after finishing third in Salt Lake.

So keep an eye out in Vegas for Bucky to unleash his frontside nollie flip stalefish 360, and everything else he’s been saving in his bag of tricks.

PLG, Bucky and Shaun White Battling for Skate Vert Dew Cup
Bucky Lasek – Skateboard Vert Finals – Toyota Challenge 2011

Also in the mix with 172 points is Shaun White, who collected his first and only vert Cup in 2007. In order to secure the Cup this year, he needs to win in Vegas and PLG must finish third or lower.

“I’m not out here to beat Shaun, I want to win,” Gagnon said. “Whether he gets second or third, I’m just trying to win the contest. I just got to worry about what I want to do. I can’t stop the way Shaun or Bucky or anyone is skating. All I can do is better myself to skate better at each event. If you start worrying about other people, it throws your focus off.”

Last year White won three of the four Dew Tour vert comps, missing out on the first event because of a twisted ankle. This season he’s podiumed twice, but still no win.

PLG, Bucky and Shaun White Battling for Skate Vert Dew Cup
Shaun White – Skateboard Vert Finals – Pantech Open 2011

“Usually for me I need that motivation,” White said about his success last season. “I need something to kind of push me forward to do better. And I think sitting there not being able to compete was that thing. So I used the motivation from that to get better.”

White said winning the Cup this season would be unreal.

“Just coming off these pretty heavy snowboard seasons, they take their toll on me,” White said. “It’s a whole different set of tricks and style of competing. So when I show up here it’s extremely refreshing, but it’s still frustrating. I got to relearn old tricks, I got to make up new tricks. I got to put it all together and hope to win. But the goal obviously is taking the whole Cup.”

To see who will take the Cup, check out Skate Vert finals are from 1:30-3 p.m. Sunday, October 16 on the ramp above the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino or live on NBC Sports.

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