Picture This: Josh Stafford

Picture This is an Alli feature designed to give you a peek into the lives of today’s top action sports athletes. For this installment, we sent skater Josh Stafford a random list of things to take pictures of with his camera and here’s what he sent back, complete with his thoughts on each shot:

front of house

Picture of front of your house: That’s my apartment I live in with my friend Wally, and no, it’s not at Hogwarts… we just have a lot of pointless stairs.

contents of backpack

Contents of your backpack: Everything I need for when I go skating. Music, pads, and yeah that’s pretty much it!


A room in your house: This is my room… where the magic WOULD happen, haha.

electronic gadget

Your favorite electronic gadget: It’s been so hot at our place lately, this has turned into my favorite electronic gadget… a fan.


Picture of your pet: Stuart the snake.


Picture of your skateboard: Haven’t set it up yet, but if looks could kill…


A meal that you ate that day: Grandma’s brownies will fill you up faster than anything in the world!


A self-portrait with friends: The crew hanging in a bowl in the Cayman Islands.


The contents of your refrigerator: Yes we have Danimals and yes we need to go shopping.


Something you collect: I collect skateboards and put them on the wall… my roommate likes T-Swift and puts her right in the middle, haha.


Plus any random photo you want: Hopefully Wally won’t be any more mad than he was when I woke him up taking this photo, haha.


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