For those of you who didn’t have a chance to check out Peace Park on ABC yesterday, the full 22-minute edit is now live on Mountain Dew’s YouTube!

The newest installment of Peace Park brings a one-of-a-kind experience that allows riders to exfoliate new creative and stylistic type of riding by transcending past the traditional halfpipe competition build and establish the perfect set up for gnar shredding and absolute fun.

Mountain Dew has teamed up once again with professional snowboarder Danny Davis and Snow Park Technologies (SPT) to create the most progressive Peace Park to date that allows an opportunity to enhance the style and creativity of snowboard culture by adding park-like features that are inspired by both skateboarding and surfing. “Peace Park is a constant evolution built around snowboarding, music, and friends, and designed to continue to instigate inspiration not only on the competitive side but also with the sport overall,” said Danny. “I’m really stoked that Mountain Dew remains dedicated to supporting these passions of mine. Snowboarding is fun and inventive, and I want to continue to share that with the world through PEACE PARK each and every year.”

Also, a completely new 40-minute action-packed movie on this year’s Peace Park will be released on the iTunes store – on sale starts tomorrow!

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