It was all about the women on Saturday morning at Dew Tour Long Beach 2018, and the action on the all-new triangular street course red hot, despite the pastel pink and green painted ramps and rails. The world’s best women to ride skateboards in the streets were up early and hitting the three sections of tech, rails and gaps on the course hard in preparation for the fight in the finals.

Meanwhile, all around the venue were their professional male counterparts meandering and monitoring the action on site. One crew that was out in full was Element with their Team Challenge captain Bam Margera, Greyson Fletcher, Kevin Kowalski, Mason Silva, Chad Tim Tim, and Nyjah Huston. Though Huston is out of the competitions himself due to injury, he was out at the Dew Tour early to support all the homies and take pictures with fans.

“I’m out here support supporting the boys [on Element], and I’m checking out the women’s contest,” said Nyjah between heats. “Leticia [Bufoni] is my homie, so I just watched her skate.”

Leticia bufoni 2_pro womens street finals_long beach_STRAND
Leticia Bufoni nailed a dozen tricks on this bar all weekend long. Freshly dipped back Smith. Photo: Strand

After the eight invited women wrapped up their first of three, 60-second runs, it was Candy Jacobs from the Netherlands leading the pack. Jacobs was a last minute addition to the group following Lacey Baker being forced out due to injury, and now she was threatening to win the event with feeble to fake and big lipslides down the handrail.

“I had that kick flip over the bar all practice, but all the girls told me after my run I should have just ollied it. That didn’t even occur during my run.” Alexis Sablone

The second heat was the heat where all the best runs went down, and the women that went the hardest went back-to-back-to-back. It went Pamela Rosa, Jenn Soto, and Alexis Sablone who would finish the event in that same order. Rosa was rocking an all white kit from head to toe, while Soto had adidas kicks, track pants, dry fit t-shit and a Primitive hat. Sablone, though, had an East Coast style all her own.

Rosa was the youngest woman in the event at 19 years old, but her second run was flawless and would become the standout of the entire day. Rosa opened her run with a huge lipslide, then mid run stomped a lightening fast feeble down the handrail, and then ended her run with a board slide down and kink to flat rail.

Pamela_Rosa_Womens_Pro_Street_Final_Long_Beach_Durso 4
Pamela Rosa took home first in the Dew Tour Womens’ Contest with moves like this big back lip. Photo: Durso

Still working on her English, Rosa did not have much to say after running over to hug and kiss her crying mother on the sidelines. Rosa said she thanks her family and would be celebrating with them later. Just before the press conference started, Rosa grabbed the mic and started to lightly beat boxing. She could hardly contain herself, clearly still excited from taking the win.

Looking back on Sablone’s third place run, she pulled a kickflip down the double set straight into a kick flip front boardslide down the pyramid rail. With a heelfip down a bank, Sablones’s run was looking to challenge for the lead, but on her last trick she fell trying to kick flip over the Boost Bar to flat.

Alexis sablone 4_pro womens street finals_long beach_STRAND
W_K_N_D pro Alexis Sablone kickflip front boarded her way into 3rd place. Photo: Strand

“I had that kick flip over the bar all practice, but all the girls told me after my run I should have just ollied it. That didn’t even occur during my run,” Sablone laughed off saying she was still happy. Unable to pass up the opportunity, we had to ask who was Sablone’s influence. Her style is so different from all the other women, and her answer of, “Donny Barley, Brian Anderson and Rodrigo TX,” made perfect sense.

Congratulations to all the women!

1.) Pamela Rosa, 82.00
2.) Jenn Soto, 79.66
3.) Alexis Sablone, 78.66
4.) Candy Jacobs, 77.33
5.) Mariah Duran, 76.33
6.) Leticia Bufoni, 75.33
7.) Samarria Brevard, 61.00
8.) Aori Nishimura, 57.00

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