On July 20, 2019, skateboarders from around the world gathered in Nanjing, China for the final day of the International Skateboarding Open (ISO) of park Olympic qualifier. After going through a rigorous open qualifier, quarterfinal, and semi-final, only the top eight men and women skateboarders would see the final. After all, was said and done, a reshuffling in Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings ensured.

Women’s Skateboarding Park

Japanese skateboarders Misugu Okamoto, Sakura Yosozumi, and Kisa Nakamura dominated the podium in the women’s division. 13-year-old Okamoto finished in first place in Nanjing ripping with impressive skills and style. With this victory in Nanjing combined with her first-place win at Dew Tour Long Beach, Okamoto lays down a solid foundation of points totaling at 80,000.

Sakura Yosozumi pulls off a second-place finish with her third and final run. With a fifth-place finish at Dew Tour, Yosozumi moves up in Olympic World Skateboarding rankings from fifth all the way up to second with 33,200 points. Yosozumi knocks down Lizzie Armanto who did not compete at Nanjing and as a result, receives zero points. Although, her second-place win at Dew Tour keeps her at 24,000 points and in third place in Olympic rankings.

Rounding out the podium in Nanjing is Kisa Nakamura. At Dew Tour Nakamura placed seventh in the final and combining her third-place podium seats her in fourth in Olympic World Skate rankings with 20,300 points. As for the remaining five positions in the Nanjing were filled in by Asp Yndiara (BRA), Sky Brown (GBR), Poppy Starr Olsen (AUS), Bryce Wettstein (USA), and Isadora Pacheco (BRA) respectively.

Current Women’s Olympic World Skateboarding Park Rankings

1.) Misugu Okamoto (JPN), 80,000
2.) Sakura Yosozumi (JPN), 33,200
3.) Lizzie Armanto (FIN), 24,000
4.) Kisa Nakamura (JPN), 20,300
5.) Kokona Hiraki (JPN), 15,740
6.) Bryce Wettstein (USA), 13,200
7.) Yndiara Asp (BRA), 13,150
8.) Mami Tezuka (JPN), 11,980
9.) Sky Brown (GBR), 10,400
10.) Poppy Starr Olsen (AUS), 8,640
11.) Isadora Rodrigues (BRA), 5,100
12.) Brighton Zeuner (USA), 4,700

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Men’s Skateboarding Park

In regards to the men’s final, the top three ISO winners were American Heimana Reynolds in first, Brazilian Luiz Francisco in second and American Alex Sorgente in third. Mr. Flying Hawaiian Reynolds improved his score with each passing run, making it nearly impossible for anyone to come near first place. With this victory, Reynolds boosts himself from his sixth-place finish at Dew Tour and in Olympic ranking, all the way up to first with 47,300 points.

Luiz Francisco’s second-place finish at the ISO Nanjing competition bumped his ranking up a spot from fourth to third with 35,500 points. Francisco trails behind fellow Brazilian Pedro Barros who was bumped down from first to second in rankings due to not competing in Nanjing and receiving zero points.


Last but not least, Alex Sorgente pulled together a third-place finish with his final run, driving him up from 14th place in rankings to seventh with 15,380 points. Respectively, skateboarders outside of the top three at Nanjing were Jagger Eaton (USA), Ivan Federico (ITA), Hericles Fagundes Galle (BRA), Vincent Matheron (FRA), and Cory Juneau (USA).

Be sure to follow skateboarding’s Olympic hopefuls as they near the end of the 2019 Olympic qualifying season with one remaining park qualifiers. The season-ender competition takes place at the Oi STU World Championship in Sao Paulo, Brazil September 10-15, 2019.

Current Men’s Olympic World Skateboarding Park Rankings

1.) Heimana Reynolds (USA), 47,300
2.) Pedro Barros (BRA), 40,000
3.) Luiz Francisco (BRA), 35,500
4.) Cory Juneau (USA), 28,700
5.) Ivan Federico (ITA), 18,400
6.) Keegan Palmer (AUS), 16,050
7.) Alex Sorgente (USA), 15,380
8.) Jagger Eaton (USA), 11,500
9.) Hericles Fagundes Galle (BRA), 7,564
10.) Jaime Mateu (ESP), 6,690
11.) Vincent Matheron (FRA), 6,380
12.) Alessandro Mazzara (ITA), 4,993

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