Ryan Nyquist is without a doubt the comeback kid of the Dew Tour. For the third year in a row, he won his first event of the BMX Park season at the last stop of the Tour. This time, it was at the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas, and he was in dead last going into his final run.

He was visibly off his game in his first run, but he came back a new guy in his second to destroy the park course. He threw down the first and only 720 down the step down, and it was just one of his bangers. The run also included a tuck no-hander transfer into the curved wall ride, a truckdriver transfer and a barspin back flip to score a 92.75.


After Nyquist took the lead, there were three top riders left in the finals and all could shake up the standings.

Mark Webb was the first of the group to come out charging with a tailwhip drop in, a decade up the sub, and a turndown 360 downwhip into the bowl. He washed out on a 900, but came back to pull an insane 720 barspin to turndown.  He scored a 90.25 and bumped up to fourth place, but wasn’t able to crack the top three.

Next up was defending Dew Cup champ Garrett Reynolds, who started off solid but fell after a 360 tuck to truckdriver and used his first run score of 91.13 to take the third spot on the podium. After the buzzer went off on his run, he still pulled off a 720 drop in to get the crowd hyped up.

The final rider to go was the one with the most on the line. Overall points leader Daniel Dhers was sitting in seventh place after a few uncharacteristic bobbles on his first run, and his chance at the Dew Cup was in jeopardy.

You could tell he was on it for this run after he pulled a corked out no-handed 720 to start, and continued the momentum with a 360 barspin to X up, a sick 720 tire grab, a no-handed flair and a 360 double tailwhip over the spine. His score of 91.38 wasn’t enough to beat Nyquist, but it landed him in second and earned him the fourth Dew Cup of his career.


1. Ryan Nyquist, 92.75
2. Daniel Dhers, 91.38
3. Garrett Reynolds, 91.13
4. Brett Banasiewicz, 91.00
5. Mark Webb, 90.25

Get the full results from the BMX park finals in Las Vegas as well as the year-end Dew Cup standings.

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