Mongoose Jam Underway at Camp Woodward

The second annual Mongoose Jam has gotten underway at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania. The team-based BMX event puts six Mongoose pros – Greg Illingworth, Steve McCann, Paul Ryan, Ben Wallace, Cam White and Kevin Peraza – at the helm of their own group of hand-picked riders for three days of competitions.

In addition to the four pros invited by each captain, each team also drafted one amateur rider from Camp Woodward campers during the Amateur Contest, the first contest to take place during the Mongoose Jam. Then throughout the Mongoose Jam, teams earn points according to their placement in each contest – dirt, park and street –  and an overall Mongoose Jam first place team will be crowned after the last event.

The event kicked off on Wednesday as Jeremiah Smith, Daniel Sandoval and Pat Casey took the top three spots in the dirt contest. With the top two spots on the podium locked up, Team McCann jumped out to an early lead with two days left.

Next up on the competition schedule: park Thursday at 5:30pm ET and street Friday at 11am ET. Look out for videos from each of the Mongoose Jam competitions dropping throughout the weekend, and watch for many of these riders to compete at the Dew Tour’s Toyota City Championships October 11-13 in San Francisco.

Watch the video above to meet this year’s teams. You can check out a list of the pros on each squad below.

Team White
Cam White
Kyle Baldock
Josh Clemens
Jack Fahey
Rob Darden

Team Illingworth
Greg Illingworth
Brian Kachinsky
Chris Doyle
Tammy McCarley
Mike “Hucker” Clark

Team Wallace
Ben Wallace
Dennis Enarson
Chad Kerley
Connor Lodes
Christian Rigal

Team Peraza
Kevin Peraza
Pat Casey
Ryan Guettler
Tyler Ferangel
David Peraza

Team Ryan
Paul Ryan
Matt Priest
Ben Lewis
Alistair Whitton
Alex Colborne

Team McCann
Steve McCann
Ronnie Napolitan
Jeremiah Smith
Brandon Dosch
Daniel Sandoval

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