Streetstyle is arguably the most high energy event in Dew Tour, drawing crowds from the streets to enjoy the show that is put on in downtown Breckenridge.
Words by Laura Obermeyer

This years athlete lineup was stacked, with Swedish swerve god Magnus Granér taking some sick and stylish approaches. LJ Strenio of course pulled a few crowd pleasers from his insane and funky bag of tricks, including a gap over the crowd outside of the course, and the stoke of downtown Breckenridge kept the athletes racing for more hits in the timed rail jam format. The judging was based on overall impression, but there were a few tricks that really stood out. Alex Hall completed the whole horseshoe box at the bottom, in addition to multiple cool spins and taps that were particularly notable. Lupe Hagearty offered the smoothest style, and Pat Goodnough was a fan favorite from flipping as many features as he seemingly could.

However, only three riders were able to take the podium. Canadian and rail psycho Alex Bellemare took third place with some crazy tricks, including multiple 450’s. Colby Stevenson took second with a super solid overall score that came from multiple backslides, cork 7 blunt. Alex Hall took first with a kfed and a pencil 12, and Keegan Kilbride took home the title of best trick with a nollie 2 pretz 2.


1.) Alex Hall
2.) Colby Stevenson
3.) Alex Bellemare
Best Trick: Keegan Kilbride

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