Things started heating up in the bowl on Day Two of the 2018 Dew Tour. The Park Course qualifiers had the best and brightest of transition skating all vying for a spot in the finals. After four heats of ripping, the concrete dust settled and Tristan Rennie was squarely in the lead.

The qualifiers whittled the 21-man list down to the top eight. Some of the standout moves were:

  • Erick Winkowski did Ho-Hos. Yes, multiple Ho-Hos.
  • Kevin Kowalski had the most creative use of the course, airing out of the park course and landing in the bank on the desk.
  • Young Gavin Bottger won the Am Park contest just yesterday, which meant he was able to slide right into the qualifiers. Though he skated well, he was bumped at the last minute. There’s always next year, Gavin
  • Clay Kreiner, last years’ 3rd place finisher, was having a good day and squeaked into the finals with solid runs in heat 5.
  • Looking like a young Brent Atchley, Sweden’s Oskar Rosenberg was probably the most fun to watch. Every run was different, new walls, all new tricks—Oskar looked like he was making it up as he went. And it worked—he qualified 7th.
  • Luiz Francisco also ripped his way into the finals, with big bonelesses and stalefishes all across the course.
  • Cory Juneau won last year’s Dew Tour Park contest, and he’s only gotten better. He flew around the course and secured a spot in the finals with ease.
  • Hawai’an ripper Heimana Reynolds spent more time in the air than on the concrete, flying off every wall in the course. He was last years’ second-place finisher, and is heading into the finals in 3rd.
  • For a youngster, Keegan Palmer skates with the power and style of a seasoned veteran. He’s a top contender for first place in the finals.
  • Tristan Rennie stayed on his flawless runs, and secured the top spot heading into the finals.

The 2018 Dew Tour Park Finals takes place Sunday, from 5:30 – 7:00 Come on down to catch the action, or tune in at

Three are the top 8 skaters who will skate in the finals on Sunday

1. Tristan Rennie: 89.00
2. Keegan Palmer: 88.00
3. Heimana Reynolds: 87.33
4. Cory Juneau: 86.00
5. Alex Sorgente: 86.00
6. Luiz Francisco: 85.66
7. Oskar Rosenberg: 85.00
8. Clay Kreiner: 83.66

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