Max Parrot is having arguably the best competition season of his snowboard career this winter. After seven years of steady competition int the event, Parrot was finally able to earn his first-ever Dew Tour slopestyle win. A few short months later he was earning the silver medal at the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang.

So what’s his secret?

In addition the specific gear he rides, Parrot’s power on the slopes comes from the decisions he makes off the board as well as the ones he makes while riding. To get a random look at the mind of the man that first flipped the snowboarding world four times off a single jump, take a few mins to read Max Parrot’s Either Or answers below.

Max_parrott_mens_snb_slope_finals_breckenridge_crosland  9205
Mid flight, this was part of Max Parrot’s first-ever Dew Tour slopestyle winning run. Photo: Crosland

Either Or

#TBT or #FBF? #FlashbackFriday.

Phone Clip or Proper Film? Proper Film.

Digital Photo or Prints? Digital.

Baggy fit or Tight? tight, well… in between.

Headphones or Speakers? Depends. Both!

Headphones: Wired or Wireless? Wired.

Pandora or Spotify? Spotify.

Text message or Voice recording? Text Message. Actually, can I just say talking on the phone? I hate texting… Just call.

Directional or Twin Tip? Twin Tip.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee.

Kale or Lettuce? Lettuce

Breakfast foods: Sweet or Savory? Ohhh, both!

Uber or Lyft? Uber.

Tinder or Bumble? What’s Bumble?! I have a girlfriend, so…

All Wheel or 4-Wheel? What’s the difference? Haha, I guess 4-wheel drive, so I always have the option.

Truck or Wagon? Wagon.

Mitten or Glove? Mittens.

Laces or BoA? BoA, all the way!

On the Road: House or Hotel? Hotel.

Cable or Cord Cutter? Streaming.

80s or 90s? 90s.

Hip Hop or EDM? Hip Hop.

Hot Tub or Sauna? Hot Tub.

Day off: Park or Pipe or Pow?  Well, it depends on the weather. haha!


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