Matt Meinhardt Takes the Surf Shop Showdown presented by Sanuk

The Dew Tour Beach Championships are back in Ocean City and kicking off the weekend of competition was the Surf Shop Showdown presented by Sanuk. The Showdown allows local shops to put their best surfers against each other in order to bring the Dew Tour title back to their shop and leave with the respect of their competitors.

The event consisted of two sessions with four surfers in each and allowed each surfer a 9-minute heat to take as many waves as possible. Following the two sessions, only the top two surfers moved on to the final for 17-minute heats. Those two surfers were Matt Meinhardt representing Chauncey’s Surf Shop and Tyler Clazey of K-Coast Surf Shop. Chauncey’s versus K-Coast. Wetsuits versus non-wetsuits. The final heat had the entire beach cheering for their favorite local.

Moment of Truth:

When the final heat came to a close there was nothing but suspense as the athletes lined up to hear who would be announced the evening’s winner. Following the earlier heats both surfers were able to feel confident in both their waves and tricks pulled, but after the final it was completely up for grabs and left in the hands of the judges.

I was nervous before every heat, but especially after this last heat  because I didn’t get a lot of good waves,” said Meinhardt.

However, in the end Meinhardt was awarded the win despite being nervous and watching Clazey go at it in the water for his final 17-minute heat.

Winner’s Top Tricks:

As demonstrated, Meinhardt’s favorite trick is a backside air reverse without grabbing and he pulled multiple as well as a few partial frontside air reverses.

Winner’s Quote:

“It’s awesome, man! It was cool to get the pros to come and do it, but it is even better to do it with the local boys here — especially the up-and-coming groms. All my homies are here, it doesn’t get any better than this.” — Matt Meinhardt

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