Words: Mark Clavin
It is always funny when a snowboarding contest gets delayed because of too much snow. It sounds ridiculous but it happens quite often. This year, the Dew Tour had a few down days on account of weather and while it might be a hassle for the event organizers, it was pretty great on my end. I got to lap with friends, enjoy some powder, and shoot some photos outside of the course. Definitely not what I expected, but a very welcomed surprise. When actually doing my job, I spent a lot of time on the knuckles and decks with a fisheye on since we had a team of shooters covering the long lens angles. It is pretty easy to tell from my picks below. If you know people that are good enough to jump over you without getting hurt, I highly suggest it. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. Please wash your hands before and after viewing… and as always, thanks for looking!

Danny Davis photo Mark Clavin
Photo Credit: Clavin
Danny Davis + canceled contests on account of powder = a good time.
Danny Davis Photo Mark Clavin
Photo Credit: Clavin
Refer to the Danny Davis equation above. Good snow, great rider… pretty easy to get a photo you like.
Scotty James photo Mark Clavin
Photo Credit: Clavin
Scotty James figured out the modified pipe pretty quickly, which made shooting with a long lens pretty easy.
With a few other photographers scattered around, I was on fisheye patrol for a good amount of the Dew Tour. Red Gerard from the deck.
Told you. Another fisheye shot. If your friends are good enough to do it, I highly suggest letting them jump over you. Brandon Davis in the streestlyle course.
Jill Perkins on the same feature in the streetstlye course as Brandon Davis, but shot with a 70-200mm.
Maddie Mastro gapping the channel in the upper section of the modified pipe.
Brock Crouch found a hit amongst the trees on our down day, so we sessioned it a bit between laps. Easily one of the best days of riding I have had in CO. Thanks Brock!
I think they should raffle off the trucks at the end of the contest… but that is just me. Stale Sandbech did not comment on my thought while flying through the air.
You live by the fish, you die by the fish. Casted out one last time and got Danny Davis on the line.

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