Maggie Voisin Qualifies First in Women’s Freeski Slopestyle

Kicking off the week of events here at the Dew Tour Mountain Championships is something we like to call Women Shred Wednesday. Packing the day from start to finish with the best women riders in the world, the women’s freeski slopestyle event was the second event of the day and showcased smooth and technical riding that is sure to increase in the days to come.

Mixing up the format this year, directly following the semifinal was a last chance qualifier (LCQ) to allow a final go for riders to earn a spot in the final. The semifinal consisted of sixteen skiers allotted two runs taking only the best score with the top five advancing directly to the final. The LCQ then pulled in the next eight top ranked riders for one last run with the best rider earning the sixth and final position.

Semifinal Moment of Control:

During Maggie Voisin’s first run she took an uncharacteristic spill that left her in last place after the first round. Coming into her second run it was time to buckle down and that was exactly what she did with back-to-back 900s with great control over the final jumps.

LCQ Moment of Relief:

Coming into the LCQ, Kim Lamarre was feeling a bit of pressure and confusion as she seemed pleased with her first two runs but didn’t receive the score she was after. Kim stayed strong, stuck to her guns and was able to give that sigh of relief after her thrid run that rightfully earned her a spot in the final.

Top Tricks:

Maggie Voisin — Back-to-back 900s on the final two jumps.

Julia Krass — Back-to-back 720s spinning both ways.

Anouk Purnelle-Faniel — Back-to-back 720s spinning both ways.

Kim Lamarre — Corked 540, flat 720 into a 270 to 270 off on the Toyota rainbow rail.

Leader’s Quote:

With this being the first competition of the year, I just wanted to land a run… I’ve had the 900 and the switch 900 for while now. I didn’t see the need to not throw them and thought: might as well give it all now instead of taking it easy.” — Maggie Voisin

Semifinal Results:
*Top 5 advance to the final

Maggie Voisin Qualifies First in Women’s Freeski Slopestyle

LCQ Results:
*Top 1 advance to the final

Maggie Voisin Qualifies First in Women’s Freeski Slopestyle

Women’s Freeski Slopestyle Final:
Watch the final this Saturday, December 13th at 3:30 p.m. ET on and the NBC Sports Live Extra app.

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