Maddie Mastro turned 18 this past weekend, only 10 days after finishing 12th in the Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe event in PyeongChang, South Korea at the Olympic Winter Games—congratulations Maddie!

But how did someone so young already accomplish so much? By focusing and training, hard!

Coming  into Dew Tour Breckenridge we made Maddie mingle with us while we racked her brain for the secrets to youth success in snowboarding. What we learned was quite impressive.

For starters, she sticks to healthy routines. First thing’s first, a nutritious start to each morning. Maddie’s mainstays for breakfast meals range from one-egg omelets or oatmeal when she is giving way to her sweet cravings. She also does what she refers to as “typical, everyday snowboard warm-up.” From thorough stretching to quicker dynamic movements, Maddie knows how to get her body activated and ready for work in the halfpipe.

Maddie Mastro juices one out of the lip while oozing of style. Photo: Yoshida

Most athletes will be quick to run down their regular go-to tricks that they use to start off each session. For Maddie, though, when it comes to warm-up tricks she says,

“All my tricks are warm-up tricks.”

Heavy, we know.

Maddie did admit that music plays a part in her warm-up, too. As to exactly how, though, we weren’t able to learn. However, we did ask her a little more than twenty other questions and the first five we laid out below help us understand a little more about her music preferences.

Either, Or

Headphones or Speakers? Speakers.

If headphones: Wired or Wireless? Wired.

Pandora or Spotify? Spotify.

80s or 90s? 80s.

Hip Hop or EDM? Hip Hop.

Coffee or Tea? Tea.

Breakfast foods: Sweet or Savory? Sweet.

Kale or Lettuce? Lettuce.

On the Road: House or Hotel? House.

Hot Tub or Sauna? Hot tub.

All Wheel or 4-Wheel? 4-Wheel.

Truck or Wagon? Truck.

Day off: Park or Pipe or Pow?  Pow!… Park!… All of them!

Directional or Twin Tip? Twin tip.

Mitten or Glove? Mitten.

Laces or BoA? BoA.

Baggy fit or Tight? In between.

Phone Clip or Proper Film? Proper film.

Digital Photo or Prints? Prints.

Cable or Cord Cutter? Cable.

Text message or Voice recording? Text message.

#TBT or #FBF? Throwback Thursday.

Uber or Lyft? Uber.

Tinder or Bumble? Tinder, haha.

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