Kyle Baldock Wins Unit Farm Jam New Zealand

The Unit Farm Jam went off down under with a turnout garnering more than 2,000 spectators on the farm! This unique compeition takes on three, two-wheeled sports and offers up a variety of pros going all out in BMX, FMX and MTB (Mountain Biking) competitions. Taking the top spot for the BMX event was the able-bodied Australian, Kyle Baldock, unleashing his innovative frontflip cliffhanger amoung other bangers such as the double backflip.

Kyle Baldock Wins Unit Farm Jam New Zealand

Kyle Baldock going big at the 2013 Unit Farm Jam.

Check out highlights from the event in our Best Of edit as well as the complete results below!


BMX Results

1. Kyle Baldock
2. Luke Parslow
3. Danny Campbell
4. Anthony Napolitan
5. Ryan Lloyd

FMX Results

1. Nick Franklin
2. Tyrone Gilks
3. Pat Bowden
4. Callum Shaw
5. Joel Brown

MTB Results

1. Andreu Lacondeguy
2. Connor Macfarlane
3. Lewis Jones
4. Phil McLean
5. Nick Dethridge

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