Kyle Baldock Dominates the BMX Dirt Session

Bringing the best in BMX dirt back to Portland, Oregon, the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships introduced a new format for the riders to take to in the BMX Dirt Session.

Switching it up this year, 10 riders dropped in for their first run as an introduction to the crowd that began their 30-minute jam session. The rules for the event this year require a minimum of three complete runs on the two dirt jumps and the quarter pipe, but after those it was all about variety and stepping up their technicality.

Top Tricks:

Ryan Nyquist – 720 barspin, backflip double barspin, backflip to suicide no-hander, suicide double truckdriver and a 540 double barspin on the quarterpipe. Pat Casey – decade 360, and a truckdriver double tailwhip. Andy Buckworth – 8 consecutive double backflips on the first jump, 720, decade on the quarterpipe and a 360 downside whip. Zack Warden – 360 bikeflip. TJ Ellis – 360 double tailwhip, fronflip turndown and a frontflip tailwhip. Daniel Sandoval – 360 downwhip to late barspin, Drew Bezanson – one-handed x-up to turndown backflip and a super stylish 360 bar hump. Kevin Peraza – cannonball, 360 table, a super-whip and a superman seatgrab.

Moment of Relief:

For the majority of the riders there was no moment of relief, but for the night’s champion Kyle Baldock it was right after he pulled his first run. “That was so good because I was able to just go out and party and try to best my score each time — that was the best bit about [pulling the first run],” said Baldock still amping off his win.

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Kyle Baldock took care of business on his first run with a backflip barspin no-hander over the first jump into a 360 double tailwhip to barspin on the second jump and a double tailwhip barspin on the quarterpipe. Another epic run he pulled was backflip tailwhip to a 720 barspin and then a triple tailwhip on the quarterpipe. After those two runs anything he pulled put him clearly over the top as the winner.

Kyle Baldock Dominates the BMX Dirt Session

Winner’s Quote:

“I love the new format, I just wish it was a bit longer,” said Baldock full of energy while the rest of the field caught their breath. “I feel like three runs makes a rider have to do all their tricks, not just one run that makes them stand out as the best. I feel like everyone killed it from Nyquist and, of course, Peraza — I was stoked to come out on top, that was amazing.” Baldock went on to mention his pleasure to be back in Portland, “I love the people here! Bring it back every year.”

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