Kevin Robinson and Zach Warden rode amazing! That’s it, end of story… ha, 

no, not really. But considering that last year they struggled to make the cut, they really put in massive amounts of effort today–what a difference a year makes, eh! And if Stevie McCann is the triple threat then Vince Byron is just THE threat. I like the way this kid has really got his riding together on any kind of ramp and poppin a 5 whip at the end of any run is bound to make it thunder down under. Watch out Stevie, young blood on the rise.

The best thing about today though was Koji Kraft–this guy’s knack of winning every practice session is beyond even the best riders. Unfortunately they don’t give trophies out in practice, otherwise his mantle piece would bigger than Tiger Woods. Even though Koji didn’t make it through and a legend in the middle of an internet scandal did, he always leaves his mark on any ramp. Today’s mark was when he threw his bike down in a fit of disappointment. But really he should have been stoked on the fact he was only 10 seconds away from perfection and that the way he rode got middle-aged men screaming for joy! The kid is a magician! But like certain magicians, a white tiger bites you in the
neck every once in a while… Not that he was bit by a tiger in his run, he just didn’t make the cut today, which gave him just as big of a pain in the neck as any 500 lb animal could give him!

Keep winning practice Koji! Everybody loves you!


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