Kevin Kowalski Wins Bowl-A-Rama Best Trick, Josh Rodriguez, Steve Caballero Take Divisions

Josh Rodriguez came up at the Wellington, New Zealand Bowl-A-Rama and beat out Pedro Barros for the win in the pro division with the young Alex Sorgente coming in third right behind them off his recent win at the Hurley ABC. In the Master’s Division it was a solid showing of greats on the podium going in order from Steve Caballero, Sergie Ventura and Pat Ngoho. However one of the events best shows came from the Best Trick section where hammers were thrown in high numbers from everyone in the bowl. Kevin Kowalski rode out the victor from Best Trick after tearing the extension to shreds. Check out the recap video and results below!


Final Results

1. Josh Rodriguez $4800
2. Pedro Barros $2500
3. Alex Sorgente $2000
4. Kevin Kowalski $1800
5. Kalani David $1500
6. Sky Siljeg $1400
7. Pele ( Brazil) $1300
8. Ben Hatchell $1200
9. Mike Owen $1100
10. Jack Fardell $1000
11. Brad McClain $800
12. Lizzy Armanto $500
13. Nolan Munroe $400
14. Nello Pasania $200
15. Mat Katah $100

1. Steve Caballero
2. Sergie Ventura
3. Pat Ngoho
4. Lester Kasai
5. Sean Goff
6. Sasha Steinhorst
7. Steve Crum (local)
8. George Orton
9. Mike Rogers

Red Bull Best Trick
Kevin Kowalski – over a half dozen gnarly hammers on the 4-foot extension


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