Keri Herman Takes All in Women’s Freeski Slopestyle Final

The ladies of freeski owned the slopestyle course on Saturday for the Women’s Freeski Slopestyle Final, and with a little luck the overcast clouds gave way to bluebird skies and perfect snow conditions. 

With the best five women from the semifinal and the top from the last chance qualifier, the six ladies on the course had two attempts to land that perfect run and take all.

Julia Krass’ third place run

Moment of Relief:

Although not always the favorite way to see an event come to a close, as it all came down to Maggie Voisin to drop in as the last skier in rotation, Keri Herman experienced a serious moment of relief as Voisin opted not to ride. Voisin experience a fall in her first run and following another slip by fellow skier Kim Lamarre, Voisin decided to give herself a break and not push the limits. Keri on the other hand had already nailed her first run, which was the best run of the event, and was happier than ever to take the win as a Breckenridge local for her friends and family cheering from the sidelines.

Emma Dahlstrom’s second place run

Top Tricks:

Emma Dahlstrom — 270 off Nixon 20+ handrail, right 540 grabbing safety, switch left 540, 450 off the Toyota rainbow rail, 540 to lead into a switch left 720 to end it.

Julia Krass — 270 off the Nixon 20+ handrail, switch onto the Mountain Dew rails, switch right 540, 270 off Toyota rainbow rail, cork 720 and right 720 off the final two jumps.

Anouk Purnelle-Faniel — 270 off the Nixon 20+ handrail, 270 onto the Mountain Dew handrail, threw a nice left cork 720 up top, spun a front 270 out of the Toyota rainbow rail, switch 540 and a stomped left 900 on the final kickers.

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Keri Herman – Owning the jumps, started out with a switch right 720 and switch corked 540 up top, then ended with a left 720 and a right 720 on the final two booters.

Keri Herman’s Winning Run

Winner’s Quote:

“It’s just really fun to be here in Breckenridge, my home mountain, with all my friends. My whole family is here, it’s just so exiting! I can’t wait to go hang out with everbody!” — Keri Herman

Freeski Slopestyle Final Highlights

Keri Herman Takes All in Women’s Freeski Slopestyle Final

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