Kelvin Hoefler Owns Skate Street Sessions

Back on the beach in Ocean City, MD for the fourth consecutive year, the Dew Tour Beach Championships brought another weekend of action-packed excitement, which was clear if you were anywhere near the Skate Street Session.

With names like Theotis Beasley, Jordan Hoffart and Dave Bachinsky in the session, the crowd was in a ballistic frenzy. Eight skaters lined to hit the 9-stair set equipped with a handrail and hubbas for a thirty-minute jam that was filled with more tricks than your average skate video. 

Moment of Pressure:

With returning experts on the course Jordan Hoffart, last year’s overall champ, and Dave Bachinsky, the remaining skaters were watching their every move as they cruised down the set rail and ledges. Once Hoffart landed a laser flip the stakes were immediately raised for the rest of the event. The pressure was on.

Though, the pressure wouldn’t phase all and especially not that of Kelvin Hoefler, the 2013 second place finisher in the Skate Street event, who landed more technical tricks than anyone, resulting in both the overall and best trick wins!

Top Tricks:

Jordan Hoffart – laser flip and front shuv to boardslide. Theotis Beasley – backside heelflip and backside kickflip. Timmy Knuth – kickflip boardslide. Dave Bachinsky – frontside 360 and tailslide kickflip out.

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Kelvin Hoefler – front blunt on the hubba ledge, nollie front blunt on the rail, kickflip front lipslide on the rail, kickflip back lipslide on the rail and a switch backside lipslide.

Best Trick – 360 flip lipslide.

Winner’s Quote:

“This city is so good. I probably skated so well because this is like my hometown [being on the beach], so I came in confident to skate.” — Kelvin Hoefler

Kelvin Hoefler Owns Skate Street Sessions

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