The rails nearly proved to be the great equalizer in the inaugural two-part slopestyle competition, but in the end it was Day 1 dominator Kelly Sildaru that walked away with the first place prize in the Women’s Ski Slopestyle Pro Competition at Dew Tour Breckenridge 2016.

After a calm morning for the snowboarders, the women’s ski field endured a fast-moving weather front that included whipping snow and bitter wind to throw down impressive runs through the reimagined Dew Tour rail garden.

American Devin Logan came out of the gate hot after a slow day on the jumps, flowing through a blind side on, 270 out into a 270 onto the flat down tube, a 450 out of the c-rail and then a 270 out of the final rail. It was enough to boost the Vermont native into podium contention, and as conditions continued to deteriorate, it looked as if she might stay there.

Jumps leader Kelly Sildaru bobbled on her first run, overshooting a switch 450 on to the flat down tube, before laying down a relatively clean third run that featured a 360 swap on the flat down rail, a switch 450 on to the flat down tube, a 450 out of the elbow kink, and a 270 on to the final down rail, giving her enough to maintain a lead of 159.33 despite a hungry field at her back.

Maggie Voisin nearly dethroned Sildaru on her final run, stomping an impressive lap that included a blind swap on the flat down rail, followed by a 270 on and 270 out of the flat down tube, switch 270 on and 270 out of the c-box, and a 270 out of the down rail to finish with a 153.32 and second place.

“I was just so happy that I could put something down,” said Voisin. “Rails are not as strong as jumps for me, so I just knew I needed to land one rail run. I’m so stoked and so happy. So many girls were able to put it down over two days of tough conditions.”

Voisin’s final run was also enough to bump Kaya Turski down to third place, though the Canadian nearly shook things up with a switch 450 on of her own, but couldn’t ski away clean enough to impress the judges.

“Just coming off the jumps Kaya and I were pretty close. So I knew if I could put down a run, Kaya and I would be one and one with each other until the end,” said Voisin.

Even with Voisin’s surprise performance, it was the 14-year-old from Estonia that stole all the headlines and hardware, as Sildaru won her second Dew Tour in as many years, and has never lost at the Breckenridge competition.

Saturday’s event concludes women’s ski action for Dew Tour Breckenridge 2016.


  1. Kelly Sildaru 159.33
  2. Maggie Voisin 153.32
  3. Kaya Turski 146.99
  4. Isabel Atkin 137.33
  5. Devin Logan 136.99

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