Kelly Clark Reclaims Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Title

Despite some overcast skies, the Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Final took place in near perfect conditions as the pipe rode smooth and the ladies went big! The Dew Tour Mountain Championships saw seasoned veterans such as Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter face off against the youth in their sport of Arielle Gold and the 14-year-old Chloe Kim — the result was nothing short of amazing.

Snowboard Superpipe Final Highlights

As we saw earlier in the week, there were six women that advanced to the final, five from the semifinal as well as Teter from the last chance qualifier. With six women total in the final they each took two runs and looked to their highest score to carry them in the ranks.

Chloe Kim’s second place run

Moment of Chaos:

Straight out of the gate we saw the competition heat up, and the entire first round of runs was sheer chaos as every woman went all out. On her first run we saw Chloe unleash her abilities with giant tricks including a very clean 900 and a perfectly executed McTwist. Chloe’s initial run earned her an outstanding score of 92, which put the pressure on for the remainder of the event. Though every woman rode hard, Kelly was on fire. Throwing her 1080 early in her run, a trick that she pioneered on the women’s side, Kelly proved she wanted the win and to reclaim her spot on the top of the Dew Tour podium — a spot that had eluded her the two seasons prior.

Sure enough, nobody could touch her for the remainder of the event as her first score was a 95.50 and ultimately the highest of the entire event. 

Kelly Clark’s winning run

Top Tricks:

Chloe Kim — Huge switch backside air, switch backside 540, frontside 900 and classic McTwist with serious style.

Arielle Gold — Frontside 900 up top, big backside 540, a frontside 720 that lead into a switch 900 to end it. 

Elena Hight — Monster method, alley-oop tail, 900, back-to-back 720s into an alley-oop 720 to cap her run.

Arielle Gold’s third place run

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Kelly Clark — Huge back 50, frontside 1080, frontside 540 and a solid frontside 720 to end it all.

Winner’s Quote:

“That was my stock run, I don’t look to other people to determine the tricks I’m going to do. I’ve definitely come up short here the last few years and I look at how I was riding this time last year… It shows a lot of personal growth, and that’s what it’s about for me, to start this season off here — it makes me excited to see where I can push my snowboarding to.” — Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark Reclaims Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Title

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