For the first time at Dew Tour, Women’s Streetstyle took over downtown Breckenridge during a daytime display of technical prowess. The G.W.R. Women’s Streetstyle by Nikita event was an invite-only event to be remembered. Ten women traveled from around the world to take their turns and jib their way down Washington St. in downtown Breckenridge, and after the 45-minute organized jam session had finished the crowds cheered on as the awards were presented.

Unlike the past six men’s streetstyle event, the women’s event saw crowds forming from die-hard fans and curious passersby not only cheering for the snowboard action but dancing to music. Athletes were also grooving and making the event fun for themselves.

At one point Taylor Elliot and Maggie Leon hit the course together for a duet approach to jibbing. While other riders stood by to prop up their fellow ladies, like when Nora Beck slapped Kaleah Driscol a high-five after Driscol spun a frontside 360 onto the big blue propane pill tank.

“I think it is sick that Nikita got this going for the first year ever, it’s about time the ladies get a street course!” praised Driscol before continuing to give thanks for this year’s course setup. “The course was amazing! Super fun, super mellow and not sketchy. Thank you to the park crew.”

Despite earning the night’s award for Best Trick on that big blue propane pill tank, Driscol’s favorite feature was the cement up-barrier where she threw down front blunt, back blunt and switch blunt all with 270s out.

Nikita threw out clear fanny packs stuffed with cash to the winners. Driscol took home a total of $1,250 for winning the overall and Best Trick awards, while Too Hard squad members Alexis Roland walked away with $500 for second and Nora Beck $250 for third.

G.W.R. Women’s Snowboard Streetstyle by Nikita Results

1.) Kaleah Driscol
2.) Alexis Roland
3.) Nora Beck

Best Trick: Kaleah Driscol

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