Norway’s Johanne Killi took first in the women’s competition today on a course that was running much faster than during qualifiers. Her run featured the best rail tricks of the day, starting with a back swap continuing 270 and a switch on 450 out and hitting slide to switch and switch on front swap to switch in the lower rail garden. She spun all four directions: a right 540 Japan, a switch right 540 double Japan, switch left 540 Japan, and a left 900 tail. Her clean run earned her a 90.00 and the top podium spot. For a winning run, 90 might sound low—where Killi faltered was in her grabs. She got them all cleanly, but didn’t demonstrate enough variety.

“I love having a course with four jumps,” said Killi, “Because if you’re a professional freeskier, I think you should be able to ski every direction. This type of format really showcases what we’re capable of and I’m happy to be a part of this kind of progression in the sport.”

After taking first in qualifiers, France’s Tess Ledeux took second today, with an 89. Her run was incredibly clean, but her rail tricks—a switch on slide, backside 450 out, slide, and front swap—weren’t up to par with Killi’s. Though she threw a couple bigger tricks on the jumps, she also only spun three directions, hitting a switch right 720 safety, a switch left bio 900 mute, a left rodeo 720 safety, and a left 900 tail.

Sarah Hoefflin, from Switzerland, narrowly beat out Maggie Voisin for third place, meaning no American skiers stood on the podium today. Both Hoefflin and Voisin had errors in their runs. Hoefflin spun in four directions but her rails—a switch slide, front 270 out, and a back 270 out—were weak compared with Voisin’s—a 450 on, backside 450 out, and a switch on front 270 out. The judges had a tough time discerning which run deserved a spot on the podium.

Hoefflin’s rise to success is unique; she started skiing in earnest at age 23.

Devin Logan, Olympic silver medalist, couldn’t put down a run today. After competing in pipe yesterday, she was visibly tired, and not performing at her usual high level.

Ski Women’s Slopestyle Finals Results

1.) Johanne Killi, NOR, 90.00
2.) Tess Ledeux, FRA, 89.00
3.) Sarah Hoefflin, SUI, 84.00
4.) Maggie Voisin, USA, 83.00
5.) Isabel Atkin, GBR, 81.33
6.) Dara Howell, CAN, 79.33
7.) Darian Stevens, USA, 72.33
8.) Devin Logan, USA, 39.33


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