Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg Grabs Gold in Best Whip in X Games Munich, Germany

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg earned the most fan votes on Friday to get him the win at Moto X Whip at X Games Munich, Germany. Twitch is no stranger to whips or gold medals, as this was his fourth gold medal in best whip. Twitch showed up to the event ten minutes early and did what he does best, whipped his bike getting completely sideways and backward. Twitch edged out Edgar Torronteras, second, and Lance Coury, third. Make sure to check out the video of his best whip below from X Games Munich Best Whip, and then watch Stenberg’s Alli Show for an in depth look on the life of Twitch. Enjoy. 





1st – Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg – 65.00

2nd – Edgar Torronteras –  14.00

3rd – Lance Coury – 12.00

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