Jamie Bestwick wins 10th Consecutive BMX Vert Final

BMX Vert returned for its tenth year on the tour as part of the Dew Tour Beach Championships in Ocean City, MD and with the tenth year of vert came Jamie Bestwick in search of his tenth consecutive Dew Cup in BMX Vert, but it wouldn’t come without a fight. 

The format for the final was one heat of ten riders with only their best of three thirty-second runs counting toward their overall score in order to be named the winner.

Although Bestwick had been the reigning Dew Cup champ in the vert ramp, the field of riders was not intimidated, as a few riders, namely Steve McCann and Vince Byron, have before enjoyed the sweet taste of victory over him in past competitions. Add in Colton Satterfield coming in hot off a major contest win of his own and a few other talented wild cards and the clash for the cup was on!

The Final Moment:

With Jamie Bestwick taking the overall lead with his second run by stomping his frontfip flair, it all came down to Byron sitting in second and the only rider left to go before Bestwick.

Byron went huge. He threw multiple tailwhip varitations at great heights, but nearing the end of his run he took a spill, solidifying the results — Bestwick had won his tenth consecutive Dew Cup and was left with a victory run to show of for the crowd one last time.


Top Tricks:

Colton Satterfield – flair tailwhip, double tailwhip and a no-handed flair. Vince Byron – double tailwhip, downside tailwhip and a tailwhip flair. Simon Tabron – huge one–handed table 540, alley-oop 540 and a can-can 540. Francisco Zurita – nac-nac flair, nac to toboggan and overall huge airs. Jimmy Walker – an impressive 900 attempt, table to turndown, opposite lookback plus a flair into opposite flair line.

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Jamie Bestwick – downside whip, tailwhip flair, alley-oop 540 and his dialed frontflip flair.

Winner’s Quote:

“It’s a pretty special time for me right now. It’s been ten years of Dew Tour and I’m still here, and I still own all the cups. Tonight was going to be one of those nights where youth came through to knock me off my perch, but I have a lot of experience… I knew for that second run I had to be on point, I had to be good. I did, I came through.” — Jamie Bestwick

Jamie Bestwick wins 10th Consecutive BMX Vert Final



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