Jamie Anderson Wins 3rd Consecutive Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final

Bringing back the top five women from the semifinal and the best from the last chance qualifier, the Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final was the final to drop on Friday as part of the 2014 Dew Tour Mountain Championships and the show put on by the ladies was one to be remembered.

Each of the six riders in the final were given two chances to show off their skills, and because only their best score counted we saw them all go big and leaving it all on the course.

Christy Prior places third

Moment of Peace:

After nailing an over-the-top impressive run on her first go that resulted in a score of 96.25, Jamie Anderson looked completely at peace prior to dropping in for her second run. Jamie dropped in flapping her hands in the air like a bird waving to her friends “spreading the love” and went on to have fun with her run as seen by her front board hand drag across the Toyota rainbow rail. Nobody else does it quite like Jamie.

Enni Rukajarvi places second

Top Tricks:

Enni Rukajarvi — Front board to fakie on the Mountain Dew handrail to set up for a big switch back 180 on the first jump, then down low she threw out a backside 540 stalefish to set up for a cab 720 stalefish at the bottom — Enni took her grabs while spinning to the next level.

Christy Prior — Kicked off with a strong lipslide on the Nixon 20+ A-frame rail and capped her run with back-to-back 540s.

Jamie Anderson’s winning run

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Jamie Anderson — Backside lipslide down the Nixon 20+ A-frame rail, boardslide 270 out on the Mountain Dew handrail, backside 540 up top, switch boardslide 270 out on Toyota rainbow rail and a switch backside 540.

Winner’s Quote:

“I was really stoked to land [the first run] because I really, really wanted to do a new trick, but I wasn’t totally there. I wanted to go for a cab 1080 but ended up at 900. Then, I thought I want to do a frontside 1080 but that didn’t happen either — I lost myself in the air it’s hard! I watch these boys make it look so easy and I know I’m a good rider, but I’m still working on it… Not by any means is [contest riding] getting easy for me, I am inspired by these ladies every day.” — Jamie Anderson

Snowboard Slopestyle Final Highlights

Jamie Anderson Wins 3rd Consecutive Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final

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