International Showdown at Air Nautique Wake Games Finals

International Showdown at Air Nautique Wake Games Finals

ORLANDO, Fla. – The world’s best wakeboarders battled it out on the waters of the Orlando Watersports Complex today in the final rounds of the 2008 Air Nautique Wake Games.

Today’s main event featured an international showdown between Rusty Malinoski (Humboldt, Sask.), Phillip Soven (Longwood, Fla.), Adam Errington (Ullapool, Sct.) and Josh Sanders (Nowra, Aus.) in the Pro Men’s Division finals. All four rippers took to the water, going huge and holding nothing back, as all four riders wanted to kick off the 2008 King of Wake season with a win. Overall it was a tight battle, but ultimately, the “Bone Crusher,” Rusty Malinoski, took home the title. Soven, Errington and Sanders respectively rounded out the finals.

Although Phillip Soven didn’t take home the win today, the current wakeboard world champion did pick-up some extra cash thanks to Rockstar Energy Drink. Soven was named the winner of the Rockstar Energy Drink Best Trick Award, a $1,000 cash bonus for landing the most impressive trick of the contest.

It’s only Nicola Butler’s second year as a pro rider, but this talented female ripper from the United Kingdom is already riding like a true veteran. Today’s win is historical, not only because it is Butler’s first pro title, but it also goes down as the first win of the inaugural Queen of Wake series.

Brian Grubb, Reed Hansen, Danny Hampson and Andrew Pastura battled it out on the water today in the Pro Wakeskate finals. All four shredders were holding nothing back today, as each rider was looking to capture the win. When everything was said and done, Brian Grubb took the top spot to claim the title. Grubb has won the Pro Wakeskate title at the Air Nautique Wake Games every year since the contest’s inception.

Six of wakeboarding’s future stars took the water today for the Jr. Men’s finals. Although it was a close battle for most of these rippers, Jimmy LaRiche stood out from the competition, scoring nearly 20-points higher than his next closest competitor, Harley Clifford. LaRiche takes home the 2008 title.

Although Harley Clifford didn’t take home the win today in the Jr. Men’s finals, he did pick-up some extra cash at the Air Nautique Wake Games thanks Pleasurecraft Marine Engine Company (PCM). Clifford won the PCM Amateur Best Trick Award, a $500 bonus presented to an amateur rider chosen by tournament officials for landing the most impressive trick of the contest.

After leading his heat in the semifinals, Sam Thomson continued his success in the Men’s I Division by posting the high score in today’s finals, taking home the title. Tim Clinton again led the Men’s II Division and claimed the win.

Three of the most talented and youngest rippers in world battled it out on the water today in the Jr. Boys finals, but in the end, Ben Watts ended-up taking home the title. In the Boys finals, Freddie Wayne claimed the top spot.

After everything was said and done, Shaun Murray’s crew once again won the Air Nautique Wake Games team title and cash prize. Team Murray consisted of: Shaun Murray, Dean Smith, Josh Sanders, Brian Grubb, Kate Laird, Emily Copeland Durham, Joe Phillips, Kevin Michael, Julian Cohen and Freddie Wayne.

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The Air Nautique Wake Games is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla. The Wake Games have the support of the following sponsors: Correct Craft, Rockstar Energy Drink, PCM, Fox, Mona Vie, the U.S. Air Force, Central Florida Toyota, Hyperlite, CWB, Gator Boards, Ronix, Oakley, Reef, Cire, and the

Sunday, April 27 Results:

Men’s Professional – Finals Heat #: 01

1 Malinoski, Rusty CAN 96.00
2 Soven, Phillip USA 95.00
3 Errington, Adam SCT 78.00
4 Sanders, Josh AUS 59.00

Women’s Professional – Finals Heat #: 01

1 Butler, Nicola UK 60.00
2 Lohrmann, Laura USA 51.11
3 Perlman, Barrett USA 48.33
4 Wing, Amber AUS 31.11

Professional Wakeskate – Finals Heat #: 01

1 Grubb, Brian USA 68.33
2 Hansen, Reed USA 61.67
3 Hampson, Danny Conch 50.00
4 Pastura, Andrew USA 35.00

Junior Men (14-18) – Finals Heat #: 01

1 LaRiche, Jimmy USA 86.67
2 Clifford, Harley AUS 68.89
3 Soven, Robert USA 68.33
4 Cohen, Julian USA 51.67
5 Lafferty, Steel USA 46.67
6 Askew, Jarrod 40.00

Men’s 2 (25-29) – Finals Heat #: 01

1 Clinton, Tim USA 60.00
2 Bagnaro, Joey USA 46.67
3 Dunbar, Jesse USA DQ

Men’s 1 (19-24) – Finals Heat #: 01

1 Thomson, Sam 75.00
2 Heinz, Tyler USA 66.67
3 Cook, Travis USA 48.33
4 Leonard, Colt USA 43.33
5 Link, Lewis USA 31.67
6 Rivait, Dylan 25.00

Boys (10-13) – Finals Heat #: 01

1 Wayne, Freddie 71.67
2 Swink, Cooper USA 65.00
3 Flegel, Noah USA 56.67
4 Evans, Kyle USA 54.17
5 Shuler, Gus USA 33.33
6 Koch, Paulie USA 23.33

Junior Boys (9 and under) – Finals Heat #: 01

1 Watts, Ben 46.67
2 Martella, Joe 43.33
3 Watts, Parker 18.33

Men’s Professional – Semifinals Heat #: 01

1 Sanders, Josh AUS 95.00
2 Murray, Shaun USA 94.00
3 Tino, Santori USA 82.00

Men’s Professional – Semifinals Heat #: 02

1 Errington, Adam SCT 95.00
2 Weatherall, Jeff NZ 90.20
3 Smith, Dean AUS 72.50

Men’s Professional – Semifinals Heat #: 03

1 Malinoski, Rusty CAN 98.00
2 Webb, JD USA 88.00
3 Hutton, Bryan USA 84.00

Men’s Professional – Semifinals Heat #: 04

1 Soven, Phillip USA 100.00
2 Adkison, Andrew USA 86.50
3 Bonifay, Shane USA 83.50

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