With gusty winds tearing across the course, Henrik Harlaut finished what he started in the Dew Tour Breckenridge 2016 Men’s Ski Slopestyle Pro Competition, taking the win in the redesigned two-part Slopestyle event.

“Well, it was phenomenal, fantastic, awesome, wicked, modern, sick,” said Harlaut with his typically candid enthusiasm. “I love this new format where there is a little more focus on the rails. Everybody is skiing so well, and I’m super-duper, mad hyped.”

Perhaps no one was skiing better than Jossi Wells. The Kiwi was sitting well off the podium after jumps day, but took an unorthodox line through the jibs that was heavily rewarded by the judges. Wells locked in a switch 270 to 270 out up top before stomping a wall-to-wall transfer on the elbow wall ride feature. He followed that up with a ollie to 270 onto the down tube into a wall ride to 270 on and a final switch 630 on with a 270 out.

Jesper Tjäder impressed with a solid pair of runs, blowing everyone’s minds with an underflip to 270 out of the final down rail, but did little to shake up the final standings, finishing eight overall.

After finishing ninth in the jumps section, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand made up the most ground, using a technically sound run highlighted by a switch left 270 on pretzel 450 out of the top down rail and a switch left 270 on and 270 out on the final down flat feature. ABM also took home prize money in Friday night’s Streetstyle Competition, making him the only competitor to podium at two Dew Tour events.

Øystein Bråten, who was running in fifth after Friday’s jump event, catapulted into second with a left switch 45o pretzel 270 out on the bottom feature, making it a Scandinavian top two.

“I didn’t quite know there would be so much good riding yesterday, and there was a lot of good riding today too, so I just tried to figure out the best run I could do here, and I was happy to stick it twice,” said Bråten.

Bråten’s 83.3 on his third run boosted him to a 158.32, but wasn’t enough to touch Harlaut, who took a third lap victory run in front of a snowy crowd.

“It feels probably as good as it gets [to get the win]. I’m so happy,” said Harlaut. “I’ve done five contests this year, and I’ve been on top for four of them. This is by far the best contest season I’ve ever had.”

Harlaut’s winning run included a surface swap 360 pretzel 270 out up top, into a left 450 disaster to continued 270 out on the flat down tube, to a flat lip 270 out of the cannon to wall ride.


  1. Henrik Harlaut 162.65
  2. Øystein Bråten 158.32
  3. Alex Beaulieu-Marchand 153.99
  4. Jossi Wells 151.66
  5. McRae Williams 150.99

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