Under snowy skies, Henrik Harlaut proved why he’s one of the best all around skiers in in the game, finishing first in the jump section of the reimagined Dew Tour Ski Slopestyle Pro Competition with a pair of stylish doubles and a brand new double cork bio 1260 with a true tail grab.

“I’m super stoked,” said Harlaut. “I’ve never landed the [double cork bio 1260] off of a park jump before.”

As part of the restructured event format, skiers had four attempts at the 65-foot slopestyle jump and needed to spin both ways in order to be scored. Each jump is worth a maximum of 50 points, with the top two adding up to the final score.

Harlaut landed his first jump, a switch left double 1080 with a massive shifty, and led from then on, finishing with an overall score of 81.32.

Despite more fresh snow in Breckenridge overnight, skiers had little trouble getting speed for the money booter and James Woods boosted his way to a 77.66 that included a double 1260 truck driver into tail grab.

“Everything is rocking, it’s been an interesting day,” said Woods. “It’s the first competition of the day and it’s always interesting to see how the judges are seeing different tricks, and what they’re looking for. Hopefully it’s a good sign for the rest of the year.”

Canadian Evan McEachran rounded out the top three with a 76.32, stomping all four of his runs, and quietly moving into third. Vincent Gagnier got the crowd pumped up with a ridiculous double grab screaming semen 1260, but was unable to crack the top three on the first day of ski competition. Hometown hero Bobby Brown, was unable to put a solid collection of runs together, finishing outside the top 10.

The men’s Ski Slopestyle Pro Competition moves to the rails Saturday for the second half of the reimagined Slopestyle event. Skiers will combine their Saturday rail scores with the Friday jump scores to crown a overall Slopestyle champion, with Harlaut leading the way into the Dew Tour’s variety of rail features.





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