(Illustration by Rachel Orodenker)

For a guy that rarely wears even a t-shirt at skate events in the summer, we caught up with Heimana Reynolds when there was snow on the ground. He is packing quite the kit.

Often found flying around competitions donning nothing more than a pair of board shorts. Heimana was dressed like a man out of his element in full winter attire at the Mano A Mano mini ramp event at Woodward Tehachapi. Check out his matches against Shawn Hale and CJ Collins.

Dodging most of the cold weather feels with light-weight cutoff jeans showcasing his “a little in between” style of tight and loose fit pant preference. He also had an actual hooded sweatshirt on, too. However his hat was the most notable item he had, it resembled something that would only be found on a snow-burdened lumberjack.

“I’ve got like fifteen U.S. Dollars, and I’ve got about five bucks in some random Australian money. I just came from Australia” — Heimana Reynolds

“I’ve got my K-mart beanie,” he laughed at and attempted to hurry past the most curious piece of his kit. This is no ordinary beanie, especially for a Hawaiian have on. This red flannel, ear panel, replica fur lined head warmer was attention grabbing, but did look warm.

Heimana also had a fanny pack, or maybe a kangaroo’s pouch, of a a hip bag. Specifically it was a brown leather BumBag with a rose pin pricked onto the front of it. Multiple pockets made it easy for him to keep his cash from flowing into his other goods.

Heimana Reynolds_pocket lint

Like any good traveling skateboarder living on the competition grind, Heimana had a five spot of foreign currency mixed into his satchel of cards, coins and other cash.

“I’ve got like fifteen U.S. Dollars, and I’ve got about five bucks in some random Australian money.” Leaving no question about his Australian Dollars left unanswered, Heimana confirmed, “I just came from Australia.”

Heimana_reinolds_ men_pro_park_finals_dew_tour_long_beach_2018_ferraphoto
Airing higher than anyone else from the day, Heimana Reynolds really makes use of the way of the Flyin’ Hawaiian with full support from fellow Hawaiians. Photo: Ferra (click to enlarge)

The rest of what made up his bag were electronics. Two portable chargers were stacked alongside each other, each equipped with its own lighting cable, “just for the hell of it.” One charger was actually a small replica of a vans shoe. It was a little bulkier than what Vans is usually known for–and like the slip-ons that Heimana had on his own feet at the time–but it got the job done, as Vans always do.

Heimana then had his cellphone on him, not just multiple charging devices. He was swiping on an iPhone X, and did confirm that he preferred Tinder to Bumble… ladies. He kept his phone clean and wrapped in leather. It was a very slim and simple design for protection, but still easy access for stacking clips.

“Proper film is always sick but phone clips are cool, too. They are just so much easier,” admitted Heimana.

Reynolds can plant a mean frontside invert with lei’d back style. Photo: MRZ (click to enlarge)

In some ways it wasn’t that weird of a Pocket Lint find, but then again Heimana usually doesn’t even have pockets.

Once he finished putting all of his things back in order we wrapped up our conversation with a few of the real important questions to get some final insights on who Heimana really is. For the record, he prefers Sriracha over Tapatio, burgers over burritos, frontside tricks more than backside, popsicle shaped rather directional skateboards and, like a true skateboarder, he prefers magazines to websites.

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