The top 8 battled it out today in the 2018 Women’s Park Finals, but when all is said and done there can be only one winner, and that winner is Nicole Hause. With a flawless 4th run, Hause came in at the end to take top honors, with a perfect run that culminated with the no-handed backside alley-oop in the deep end.

Photo Credit: Durso
It took Nicole Hause till her 4th and final run to roll away with a flawless run that landed her first place. Congrats Nicole! Photo: Durso

It was a really tough, really competitive heat, everyone skated really well. Poppy Starr Olsen came from Australia and blasted airs across the Park Course for a 4th place finish.

Photo Credit: M
Poppy Starr Olsen traveled all the way from Australia to invert herself on the northern hemisphere. Photo: MRZ

Though Bryce Wettstein is young, she dropped into a perfect first run, setting the bar nice and high. In the end, only one skater could best her score, so Bryce finished 2th.

Bryce wettstein 4_pro womens park finals_long beach_STRAND
Photo Credit: Strand
Fans quickly whipped out their phones to capture Bryce Wettstein grinding a frontside Smith across the middle extension. Photo: Strand

Last year, Jordyn Barratt skated the Dew Tour against the guys. This year, Dew Tour returns to having a separate women’s division, and she was making her tricks on every wall, including a mean frontside invert. Jordyn finished in 3rd place.

Jordyn Barratt returns to the bowl at Dew Tour, but this time she drops in against an all ladies field and manages to frontside invert her way into third place. Photo: Durso

Crowd favorite Lizzie Armanto started her runs by ollieing the gap from the flat into the course—nailing it every time. She also stuck feeble grinds in the deep end, and the only back Smith of the entire heat.

Lizzie Armanto crushing through pool coping with a deep end feeble grind. Photo: MRZ

Hanna Zanzi proved herself a force to be reckoned with, with her signature moves: Bunt fingerflips, sweepers, and a back disaster to Smith.

Hanna Zanzi proved herself a force to be reckoned with. Photo: MRZ

Sakura Yosozumi came all the way from Japan to throw down on the course, and throw down she did. Her standout move was a casual back nosegrind in the deep end.

Sakura Yosozumi with a casual nosegrind in the deep end of the bowl. Photo: MRZ

Nora Vasconcellos had a tough time putting a run together, but she dropped into her run and nailed a kickflip back disaster—possibly the hottest move of the day.

Nora Vasconcellos’ illness didn’t stop her from throwing down sick runs. Photo: MRZ


1.) Nicole Hause: 89.33
2.) Bryce Wettstein: 86.33
3.) Jordyn Barrett: 80.33
4.) Poppy Starr Olsen: 77.00
5.) Lizzie Armanto: 75.33
6.) Hanna Zanzi: 72.00
7.) Sakura Yosozumi: 68.33
8.) Nora Vasconcellos: 67.00

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