Grenade Gloves: A few good men

Grenade Gloves: A few good men

Hey, Ted, what’s going on?

Hey man. I’ve got a buddy at Grenade Gloves, and he hooked me up with all this gear to walk around repping those guys. They’re really leading the industry.

So you’re trolling the streets?

Yeah, I’m repping Grenade and giving things out. Everybody I talk to is super chill. The locals are totally down — they’re core like that. I’m recruiting people for the Grenade Army.

That sounds kinda scary.

Ah, not really.

What do enlistees do?

They take assignments: you can tag something, shave a Mohawk, or film a gnarly crash.

That’s pretty cool. As a skateboarder I’m pretty hyped Danny and the Grenade Crew are making a skate video. Those guys rip so hard on mini. It’s crazy that ripping on skateboards is how those guys “unwind” from ripping on snowboards.

Yeah, for sure.

Do you snowboard or freeski?

Snowboard. I’m hoping to hit it up soon.

Hey, here comes your buddy! [Another sign-holding, Grenade representative walks up.] What’s up, dude? What’re your deets?

I’m Trey Fisher, I’m 21, and I’m from Steamboat, Colorado.

Are you a boarder, too?

Nah, I ski.

Ted snowboards. Is this a matter of contention between you two?
[They look at each other.]

Naw, not really.

That beef’s ancient history, huh?

Both: Yeah.

Trey: Dude, Grenade’s sick. I wish they made ski stuff.

I think they do.

Trey: Huh. Well, Danny and them are signing autographs at the Festival Village.

I should head there next. Keeping fighting the good fight!

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