Greg Lutzka Returns to Top at Skate Open


 Greg Lutzka won the Skate Open skate park title, becoming the ISF Skateboarding World Champion in the process and returning to the top of the Dew Tour podium for the first time since 2007.

Ryan Sheckler also made his return to the podium, and to the Dew Tour after losing a year due to injury, and he claimed second. Newly minted Zoo York pro Chaz Ortiz rounded out the top three.

Skate Park podium
Skate park podium

A total of 12 skaters were separated into two six-man heats to start the park finals with only the top six advancing to the super final jam. In the final jam, Ortiz had a lead, but was closely followed by Lutzka and Sheckler. The trio of Dew Tour newcomers in the final included Eli Reed and Sierra Fellers along with Bastien Salabanzi, who dominated both rounds of qualifying.

Both the old guard and the new guys battled it out in the final seven-minute jam session making it hard on the judges to pick the top three.

But when the dust settled and the scores were tabulated, Lutzka’s solid, consistent and progressive skating won the day, and he claimed the first park win of the 2010 Dew Tour season.


1. Greg Lutzka, 88.05
2. Ryan Sheckler, 86.30
3. Chaz Ortiz, 83.35
4. Bastien Salabanzi, 81.18
5. Eli Reed, 78.38
6. Sierra Fellers, 76.15

For the breakdown of all the scores from skate park finals, and the rest of the Skate Open, click here.

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